Thoughts on Perez Hilton Breaking Code of the Internet

The Internet is the Wild West, where thieves can pillage a blogger’s content and use it as their own. Do not confuse this with modern art. It’s not remixing. It’s not even adding a twist or being inspired by. It’s copyright infringement and a direct violation of the code of the Internet (and the Curator Code) to properly list sources. Continue reading “Thoughts on Perez Hilton Breaking Code of the Internet”

How to Get Over this Monday

I had a great weekend and hope you did as well. A great weekend at this time of year is determined by the following factors: spending a majority of the day outside, lying in bed past 11 am, and getting some culture in. I usually end up not getting any work done during these great weekends, but every situation is a catch 22 if you make it to be. Now here we are, Monday morning, and there are five more days until another weekend is ready to be had. In the meantime, here are a few things helping me get over this Monday: Continue reading “How to Get Over this Monday”

Hipster Runoff Shows Content Farming Expertise Writing About Lana Del Rey’s SNL Performance

hipsterrunnoff, lana del rey, meme

When you write for your own blog, you find yourself working on a post and then stumbling upon a different gold mine. After a less than stupendous SNL performance, Lana Del Rey has received both criticism and sympathy from the likes of Spin with mixed opinions on Del Rey’s poor performance as a result of being an overhyped indie darling with little experience. I’ve written about Lana Del Rey a few times on this blog mostly over my confusion on how I feel about a trending artist who may have gain too much attention too quickly. However, “Carles” of Hipster Runoff hands down has the best, although lengthy, post regarding Lana Del Rey, his existence as an indie music blogger, and content farming. Continue reading “Hipster Runoff Shows Content Farming Expertise Writing About Lana Del Rey’s SNL Performance”

At the End of Dreary Winter, We Have Coachella To Look Forward To

After the new year, the rest of winter is a long dreary period that feels never-ending. With the only upcoming holidays being national holidays that only equate to a day off from work (though you are not sure why) or those where you are commemorating/commiserating with a loved one/friends, the latter with plenty of booze (both St. Patrick’s Day and Valentine’s Day), the endless winter days seem shorter because the cold and darkness keep you inside for days on end.  The best thing to do is not let the chilly weather affect your disposition and instead make plans for the rest of the year, plans which can include one of the best (albeit mainstream) music festivals that takes place in southern California, Coachella.

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Holiday Decor in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

newspaper christmas wreath, DIY holiday crafts, paper wreath

In the blink of an eye, the holiday season is upon us. All of a sudden I have been seeing Christmas playlists on Spotify, specialty seasonal desserts at Trader Joe’s and decorations galore.  Decorating our apartment in Bed-Stuy is a far departure from decorating my parents’ house in Delaware.  Because of lack of time and not having a childhood’s worth of paper ornaments at my disposal, decorations themselves are sparse but still fit in with the style of our apartment: makeshift leftovers from college and other friends’ apartments yet styled with good taste. Continue reading “Holiday Decor in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn”

Life Last Week: Something I Ate (Third Week of November)

Last Friday I went to an event my friend Jose R. Mejia of Cool Hunting curated called Something I Ate at ACME Studio in Williamsburg. Something I Ate was a food/art event where  “creative minds converge[d]…with food being the principle medium.” Continue reading “Life Last Week: Something I Ate (Third Week of November)”

Response to “The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright” From NY Mag

A few days ago, the article “The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright” from New York Magazine was circulated among my colleagues.  The article was about how many people in the “millenial” generation were unable to find jobs, lost hope, and felt cheated out of the golden future they were promised as adolescents.  My colleagues who were commenting about it were not of the “millenial generation,” so I felt a need to give my two cents and simultaneously end the long email chain: Continue reading “Response to “The Kids Are Actually Sort of Alright” From NY Mag”

Rules of the Road for the CMJ Artists, Sponsors, and Weary Attendees

CMJ Music Marathon has fallen upon NYC again and  I’m not quite sure if it’s the Northeast equivalent of SXSW as people are stating.  Some lineups are fantastic, some sponsors make rookie mistakes, and attendees need to find a way to go to as many shows as possible while bringing their A-game to their day job the next day.  Below are some Rules of the Road that should be followed whether you’re a CMJ Artist, sponsor, or weary attendee.

matt and kim, cmj

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Jeffrey Eugenides Reads “The Marriage Plot” At Greenlight Bookstore Brooklyn

Crowd Waiting to Hear Jeffrey Eugenides Read at Greenlight Bookstore Brooklyn

Who goes to book readings anymore? Everyone who lives in Fort Greene. The Greenlight Bookstore is regarded by The Village Voice as one of the best independent bookstores in New York City.  Whenever I walk in I always end up taking a book or two home with me.  If they keep having more events like they did last night, they’re going to need to expand their space further. Continue reading “Jeffrey Eugenides Reads “The Marriage Plot” At Greenlight Bookstore Brooklyn”

Keep Calm and Carry On and Bring Banana Bread to Work

At times it feels like your world has turned upside down on account of the changes happening in your life.  Finding out that one small thing will be different from now on catapults you into questioning everything.

In a short amount of time, I’ve ended a relationship, had a work colleague leave the company, gained additional responsibilities and opportunities for work and now today I am shuttling off for what should be my last flight of the summer to Chicago. This week is the week – my oldest sister is getting married and things will be also be different from here on out.

Seeing other people move on and take on different challenges makes me wonder if I am on the slow track and need to do the same as well.  Continue reading “Keep Calm and Carry On and Bring Banana Bread to Work”