Why “DWYL” Is Dumb Advice

lemondifficult, etsy,
lemondifficult, etsy,
Awesome embroidery from Etsy shop LemonDifficult

The advice “do what you love, love what you do” has always bothered me.  There is certainly something to be said for liking your job or enjoying going to work, but having what you do for a living relate directly to your passions is unrealistic and not very necessary to having a fulfilling life. Continue reading “Why “DWYL” Is Dumb Advice”

The Tools We Use

tools, collage, task management, iphone, making ideas happen
tools, collage, task management, iphone, making ideas happen
spot what’s wrong with this picture, leave a comment, and i’ll write a blog post about how you have great eyesight

We creative people need our tools. If you have ever read “Making Ideas Happen” by Scott Belsky of Behance, you know that creative types need both kinds of tools: that which creates your work and that which keeps your work organized.  Continue reading “The Tools We Use”

Getting Back On Course

meditation, buddha, modern buddha life

meditation, buddha, modern buddha life

Oh hey, it’s been a while.

2013 was definitely a challenging year for myself. My job tested and challenged me in ways I never expected. While trying to adjust to the added responsibilities and workload (not to mention adjusting to a “new school”), I found myself compensating by working late and not communicating when it felt like too much. Continue reading “Getting Back On Course”

How To Write A Blog Post and Do It Well

chromatic typewriter, Tyree Callahan
The Chromatic Typewriter via Gizmag

Last November I had been doing this blog a disservice. What with Thanksgiving and a lot to do at work and despite a successful month in October with the most visits ever, I barely broke 1,000 for November.  December has been much better, mostly on account of posts introducing new social shopping site StyleSays and my interview with StyleSays co-founder Jess Lam. What with trying to write for this blog along with projects at work and posts for Contently’s blog The Content Strategist, I found myself constantly having to write.  Trying to ideate interesting stories and write them well is difficult, so I was happy when over Thanksgiving I  rediscovered my method for writing I perfected in high school and college but seemed to have forgotten in the past two years.  Continue reading “How To Write A Blog Post and Do It Well”

Five Ways to Get Inspired Right Now

We all have our slow afternoons. What with the fact this weekend is Halloween (and I’m looking for someone to go to Hell at the Hall at Webster Hall with The Black Lips) and the cold weather is creeping in, it can be hard to find inspiration. Here are five ways to do so:

Listen  to something new

The CMJ Music Marathon wrapped up last week, so there are plenty of recaps about which bands you should listen to.  So fire up your Spotify  and start listening.  I’m currently loving Friends (video up above).  If you aren’t in the mood to great your own custom music listening experience, search for ready made playlists and mixtapes.  Try Gorilla Vs. Bear  (there’s a great Halloween 2011 mix now) or try 99% Music Mix – Destination: Elsewhere by Arye Dworken of Self-Titled. Continue reading “Five Ways to Get Inspired Right Now”

Rules of the Road for the CMJ Artists, Sponsors, and Weary Attendees

CMJ Music Marathon has fallen upon NYC again and  I’m not quite sure if it’s the Northeast equivalent of SXSW as people are stating.  Some lineups are fantastic, some sponsors make rookie mistakes, and attendees need to find a way to go to as many shows as possible while bringing their A-game to their day job the next day.  Below are some Rules of the Road that should be followed whether you’re a CMJ Artist, sponsor, or weary attendee.

matt and kim, cmj

Continue reading “Rules of the Road for the CMJ Artists, Sponsors, and Weary Attendees”

Keep Calm and Carry On and Bring Banana Bread to Work

At times it feels like your world has turned upside down on account of the changes happening in your life.  Finding out that one small thing will be different from now on catapults you into questioning everything.

In a short amount of time, I’ve ended a relationship, had a work colleague leave the company, gained additional responsibilities and opportunities for work and now today I am shuttling off for what should be my last flight of the summer to Chicago. This week is the week – my oldest sister is getting married and things will be also be different from here on out.

Seeing other people move on and take on different challenges makes me wonder if I am on the slow track and need to do the same as well.  Continue reading “Keep Calm and Carry On and Bring Banana Bread to Work”

Tips for Working Efficiently When You Aren’t Feeling Efficient

I took this photo last Saturday while making Snickerdoodles for a picnic (an indoor picnic).  This photo encapsulates me at my worst, and makes me question why I have never been diagnosed with ADD.  First off, I decided to make cookies only that morning for a picnic that day.  Whilst making them on a time crunch,  there was a need to take a picture of “Happy Boy Margarine” I may or may not have intentionally purchased from our corner Bodega.  I was also somehow trying to finish folding laundry, clean my apartment and figure out how to get myself into downtown Manhattan on a weekend when the A train runs on the F line – plus find time for grooming since it wasn’t even noon and I was drenched in sweat.  That might also be a bottle of wine on the table.  Continue reading “Tips for Working Efficiently When You Aren’t Feeling Efficient”