How to Get Over this Monday

I had a great weekend and hope you did as well. A great weekend at this time of year is determined by the following factors: spending a majority of the day outside, lying in bed past 11 am, and getting some culture in. I usually end up not getting any work done during these great weekends, but every situation is a catch 22 if you make it to be. Now here we are, Monday morning, and there are five more days until another weekend is ready to be had. In the meantime, here are a few things helping me get over this Monday: Continue reading “How to Get Over this Monday”

Interview with StyleSays Co-Founder Jess Lam

Co-founder Jess Lam describes StyleSays as a place for friends to meet up online and shop hundreds of curated stores. Shoppers create wish lists across all the stores which they share with close friends and receive sales updates for. Last week I talked about how I first found out about StyleSays via some clever marketing and how I got in touch with Jess.  What makes StyleSays different is that their objective isn’t just to make online shopping more social as others claim, but to help shoppers make more confident purchases.  In time it might be a great community to leverage for a brand’s e-commerce.  After the jump is the interview about the emerging platform perfect for fashionistas who are savvy in social. Continue reading “Interview with StyleSays Co-Founder Jess Lam”

My Favorite Things #9 – The Rugby Tweed Run Edition

Yes, I love The Ramones, wore safety pins on my Catholic high school uniform, and have gone to Pitchfork Music Festival four times in five years, but I love Rugby.  They happen to be a client of 360i, but my love for them had started long ago.  Based on a discovery this morning,  my favorite things this week are all about The Rugy Tweed Run, a “metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style.”  Sharing them now will only further fuel the fire.  Continue reading “My Favorite Things #9 – The Rugby Tweed Run Edition”

My Name is Reb on Le 21eme Arrondissement

In case you missed it,

last Saturday myself and my roommate Steph (The Big Brown Bag) met up in Soho with the adorable Adam Sinding of Seattle-based street style blog Le 21eme Arrondissement to talk about the best coffee (not Starbucks), New York City rent (ridiculous but if you care about locations…) and true beauty (for women it’s always about the hair).  He also took a picture of what we were wearing and did a short video with us saying what we were wearing (Top Shop, Gucci, Enzo Angiolini, American Apparel…Delia’s anyone remember Delia’s?).  I only have a suspicion on how Steph felt (check out her entry here ) but I felt like a dork. However, we did get a positive reaction from our friends about how cute and stylish we were.  To quote my clever friend Brianne “I see two cuties, possibly with booties.”

Make sure to check out our video too – “the scarf is from my MOM!”

Stephanie Leke + Rebecca Carlson from Le 21ème Arrondissement on Vimeo.

This is the first shred of hard evidence that I might actually be fashionable.

Top 5 Links During Today’s Browsing

Paste Magazine – Six Amazing Mashup Albums

Bust Magazine – Isabella Rosellini’s “Green Porno” airing on Sundance

Brooklyn Vegan – Shepard Fairey’s Mural on Houston and Bowery and “May Day”

MOG – Did Gaga Steal Grace Jones’ Style? Five Photos to Set the Record Straight

New Music Talk – Rant about Black Eyed Peas Being Number 1 Reason to “Get Excited About Music” According to Rolling Stone

is this the real life?

First off – look at another great outfit I put together today (vanity at it’s worst)

Tonight I went to “Art of Healing, Healing Through Art” held in Adams Playhouse at Hofstra University. At the last minute I volunteered to loan two of my drawings for a gallery they held in the basement. They are two drawings of hands done with charcoal and oil pastel. They didn’t quite go with the theme of the event but eh, what can you do.

I have to say first off that the performances this year were amazing. I was surprised to see Jackie Hlavenka of The Chronicle sing Neil Young’s “After the Gold Rush” and she was fantastic! (it also was inspiring – here was an example of some one who is ambitious with their career and area of study, yet still utilizes their creative talent)

Another girl, Jade Keena, read an original poem called “Girls” which caused her to pause twice due to the emotion she felt. The poem itself was both meaningful and humorous at times and I really want a copy of it (hint hint).

Members of the Groove, a creative club at Hofstra that serves to bring together all forms of talented performers and artists, also performed various music and dance numbers.

The final performance was “Seasons of Love” by Masquerade, a musical theatre group here at Hofstra University. It was good – though I’m somewhat scarred because of that song. When RENT came out as a movie, my high school chorus, among many others, sang our own personal rendition that was TERRIBLE. It’s one of those embarrassing instances where the memory haunts your dreams but you are still proud of the fact you had the balls to do it in the first place.