Thoughts on Perez Hilton Breaking Code of the Internet

The Internet is the Wild West, where thieves can pillage a blogger’s content and use it as their own. Do not confuse this with modern art. It’s not remixing. It’s not even adding a twist or being inspired by. It’s copyright infringement and a direct violation of the code of the Internet (and the Curator Code) to properly list sources.

My friends from Student Loans With Beer Money made a video a few days ago that answered the question of what would happen “If Wes Anderson Directed Battleship The Movie”. Take a look:

This morning, Perez Hilton posted it on his blog, adding his own watermark and not even mentioning who made it, let alone linking it to the original video. While he did leave the final frame that had the SLFBM displayed, it still was a lame attempt on trying to drive traffic to his blog. I thought his “deal” was celebrities. The original “If Wes Anderson Directed Battleship The Movie” was picked up by Buzzfeed (Ryan from SLFBM does work there) and The Huffington Post, most likely because of a want to capitalize on all the discussions about the actual Battleship movie and the new Wes Anderson Moonrise Kingdom. Perez does the same with the same intention, yet downloads it, adds his watermark and includes an ad. He’s getting revenue from content he didn’t produce. No bueno.

Overall, while one can argue that the one final frame will do enough to spread word about SLFBM, Hilton still took someone else’s work to use as his own and did not even acknowledge where it came from. Overall, what does it mean for Perez Hilton, a case study for an average joe blog to make it big, that he doesn’t have enough original content to keep his audience intrigued?

To SLFBM, yes, Hilton called you hipsters, but he does have a history of putting down celebrities; big, small, web, or IRL.

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