Life Last Week: Something I Ate (Third Week of November)

Last Friday I went to an event my friend Jose R. Mejia of Cool Hunting curated called Something I Ate at ACME Studio in Williamsburg. Something I Ate was a food/art event where  “creative minds converge[d]…with food being the principle medium.” Artists Jillian Leedy, Sidney Lo, John D’Aponte, and Kristen Wentrcek  documented seven days of their personal eating experience and created different works through their chosen medium.  A slew of delicious foods was created by Skimkim Foods in collaboration with the artists’ work.

As much as I love art, I could only focus on the hodgepodge of eccentric props that contributed to the overall surreal atmosphere of ACME Studio.  The food was delicious and Jose knows how to gather a crowd of creatives/entrepreneurs/weirdos.

ACME Studio Inc.
Graffiti Art Outside of ACME Studio
Something I Ate 2011 Menu
Space Dog
Inside ACME Studio
Yes, that's a stuffed weasel in the cupboard
One of the most decorative bathrooms I have ever been in

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