Hipster Runoff Shows Content Farming Expertise Writing About Lana Del Rey’s SNL Performance

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When you write for your own blog, you find yourself working on a post and then stumbling upon a different gold mine. After a less than stupendous SNL performance, Lana Del Rey has received both criticism and sympathy from the likes of Spin with mixed opinions on Del Rey’s poor performance as a result of being an overhyped indie darling with little experience. I’ve written about Lana Del Rey a few times on this blog mostly over my confusion on how I feel about a trending artist who may have gain too much attention too quickly. However, “Carles” of Hipster Runoff hands down has the best, although lengthy, post regarding Lana Del Rey, his existence as an indie music blogger, and content farming. For your benefit and as an exercise in the name of research (repurposed how you may ask?), I’ve pulled out my favorite quotes:

About being a blogger

“Every day, I wake up, open my laptop, and type words that are stored in the internet as ‘content.’ My goal is to ‘get as many hits’ as possible because I metaphorically ‘have mouths to feed.’”

“Even the most ‘talented’ people who ‘write things on the internet that are actually worth reading’ and/or are reduced to farm fodder.”

About online buzz

” In the post-LDR bubble burst world, we are finally able to see what caused the buzz drought: it was the bloggers, the writers, the content farmers, and the implosion of the sub-prime buzzing crisis that has been the expanding crack in the foundation the indie blogging and content farming infrastructure since as far back as 2k8.5.”

“After Lana Del Rey, we live in a hypeless world where we trust no outlet, now that we have finally seen the hype apocalypse because the LDR snake-eating-its-own-tail cycle has finally ended, and the sum is “-0” [via undefined].”

About content farming

“We scrambled like enslaved content farmers, minutes after the [SNL] performance to preserve our Google rank with a perfectly placed headline. We were ready to chew up and spit out memes, finally ‘graduating to the big leagues’ with a ‘big boy meme’, not just some other over-written ‘spotlight’ on a group of poor dudes from Brooklyn who were ToTtaLLY wErTh ChEcKiNg OuT and/or the typical ‘no one cares–what happened to REAL music?’ reaction pieces to said buzzband.”

“I am not a writer. I am not a blogger. I am a content farmer. These words mean more to the Google robot than they do 2 u. There is nothing exciting about writing, tweeting, or sharing opinions. I do not want to inspire any one to follow me into this dark prison, surrounded by a pile of memes, while I must sort thru them and spin them as ‘meaningful’, ‘interesting’, or whatever else will generate a pageview.”

About indie hype & critics

“Buzz experts truly believe that Lana Del Rey is the last artist/band that the network of indie blog buzz will have a role in ‘hyping.”

“it seems like LDR was a blogosphere ‘passion project’ that we incubated, and got to ‘tear down’ for the sake of generating, controlling, and commenting our own content. ”

“Cultural criticism on the internet is dying because we finally realized that the voices behind blogs, twitter feeds, and authentic writing outlets are as fat, bored, uninspired, and jealous as the fat, bored, uninspired, and jealous voices that we thought we had escaped from.”

Finally, the conclusion: content farming, blogging, and Lana Del Rey

“Lana Del Rey and I are on this content farm together sort of like we are the last and only two humans left on Earth. We hate eachother, but at the same time we need each other to stay alive. There will never be any sort of cathartic epiphany where we admit wrong-doing, nor will there ever be a genuine reconciliation. We will never have what feels like a ‘real’ relationship with Lana Del Rey.”

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