What A Coachella 2013 Pass Box Looks Like

coachella diorama, coachella photo


Oh hey, look at you, you beautiful Coachella 2013 Pass Box. You devil.

*DISCLAIMER* These images have appeared on my Instagram a few days earlier,  but I still wanted to do the obligatory blog post like last year. Included is a RFID wristband, car camping pass, calendar, diorama kit, sticker, pin, and guide for the festival.

Last night at my birthday shindig my friend Josh asked if I was a Coachella vet yet. I wouldn’t say so, since this is the first year I’m officially camping. I’m flying over with my two friends and will be meeting up with a big caravan in Los Angeles. The plan is to have about a dozen cars lined up next to one another, share meals, suggest recommendations for playlists, and play many rounds of Cards Against Humanity. Not to mention being within 15 minutes walking distance to the actual festival.

Everyone is making bets on whether I’ll actually be joining yoga morning sessions . We’ll see if the mood strikes.


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