Arrival of My Coachella 2012 Pass Box Leaves More Questions Than Answers

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As if all the guides for how to dress, what to do, and who to see at Coachella haven’t already made future festival goers long for the weekend they have been looking forward to for months, the miniature replica of the Coachella 2012 Festival grounds has arrived for thousands of people who purchased their passes only to remind them that the real thing is still months away.

Actually, it’s quite delightful. I didn’t know that the festival passes for Coachella were packaged in such a whimsical way. Opening the box makes you feel like it’s a Christmas morning where the gifts aren’t the highlight, but the actual holiday. Inside was the pass itself, a guide that reminding me of the pamphlets I received before going to summer camp of what TO bring and what NOT to bring (hats in, stuffed animals out [?]), and a charming desk calendar/poster. I respect the organizers of Coachella even more because they respect the need for a proper desk calendar. Maybe it’s a nod to the fact that the average Coachella attendee is a working professional who loves to mix business with pleasure. The desktop calendar/poster is a tangible representation of the complex personality of the Coachella festival goer who has traded in their spring breaks of yore for a weekend music festival that allows them to get out of their suits and put on their hippie “play clothes.”

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The best part was the activity kit including a Coachella 2012 Diorama.  Coachella organizers, how did you KNOW that making dioramas was my favorite thing about grade school (and how GOOD I was at it?) This is just another clue that organizers know that Coachella Festival goers are nerds and geeks who really just want to get into their play clothes and dance to whoever their folk/rap/hip hop/dance/electronica/house idol is. The whole package, however, led me to have more questions than answers, though the informational brochure was indeed really helpful:
coachella music festival, coachella passes

  • Will there really be a robot?
  • Are the trash cans really that big or is my sense of perspective off?
  • Are all the art installations going to be scalable for humans?
  • Is that thing a horseshoe?
  • Who is living in that teepee? Can I stay with them?
  • Is that a lightning rod meant to attract lightning? What really goes on in that desert?

Last but not least, I have one more questions of a serious sort. I always go to festivals and end up taking pictures and writing notes about bands I am seeing. The work goes to waste because I will occasionally write about it on my own blog, but with this economy, it’s possible that there is a publication out there that wants coverage of Coachella but can’t afford to send their own reporter. So I’m offering my services; if any blog or publication out there wants Coachella coverage with videos, photos, etc, please let me know. My MacBook is always attached at the hip and will obviously be accompanying me to California. If interested, visit and contact me however you see fit.

8 thoughts on “Arrival of My Coachella 2012 Pass Box Leaves More Questions Than Answers

  1. Hey dude, i have just 1 question, this kit comes with each wristband or there’s several wristbands per kit? I ask cuz i bought a weekend 1 ticket through craigslist and i dont want to get just the wristband, without all those little treats. Thanks!

    1. Hi dude. Sorry to break it to you, but the way it works is that it’s one kit per person. I bought one ticket, so I got the kit with my one wristband. My coworker ordered four and all four came in his box. If you bought it off of Craigslist, I would ask the buyer if they are willing to hand over the kit – which as you can see might be hard to do 🙂

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