My Favorite Things #17 – Spring Has Sprung!

philosophy, poetry, books, coffee and cigarettes

I can’t describe to you what a great week this was – and it’s all due to the weather. I literally feel the SAD slipping away. With the beautiful weather came impromptu walks around SoHo, a flood of support for a good cause, amazing mini infographics, and something you should watch in the privacy of your own home. Below is what made this week awesome:

1. The phenomenon of many Facebook users changing their profile picture to a red version of the  Human Rights Campaign‘s logo.
What was most exciting was how it was constantly remixed and spread throughout Facebook. Whether I was in a private group, look at my friends tab, or just scrolling through the newsfeed, the logo was there as a constant reminder of how much support there is for gay marriage. Check out the Daily Dot for more examples.

via Emmanuel Winston
via Emmanuel Winston

2. This green zebra printed scarf from my new favorite boutique Miss Hoe in Nolita.
miss hoe

3. The window display at McNally Jackson Books.
Two employees at McNally Jackson came up with the concept of “Dialectics Break Bricks or What happens when poets and philosophers get together for coffee and cigarettes.” I’ll be writing a longer post about the concept next week.

philosophy, poetry, books, coffee and cigarettes4. Vizify‘s new product Vizcards.

Bite-sized infographics you make for yourself and post on Facebook and Twitter. Vizcards can also be included into your Vizify bio.
vizcards, karaoke brunch

5. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s music video for “Sacrilege.”
I’ll warn you now, totally NSFW.

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