April: Tune-In For Things You Should Stay Tuned-In To

internet reading room, museum of the moving image

internet reading room, museum of the moving image

Last night I went to the opening reception for Museum of the Moving Image‘s newest exhibit Spectacle: The Music Video. It’s the first exhibit of its kind that showcases music videos as an art form. I spoke with one of the curators Jonathan Wells  and he said at last count there were over 300 music videos displayed in the exhibit. Contrary to what you might believe, music videos do pre-date MTV. I went to the reception for an assignment for The Content Strategist but plan on going again this weekend to take my time around the exhibit. If you love film, music, art, or storytelling, definitely check it out.

Besides Spectacle, here are a few more things coming up in April:

NY Creative Interns’ Find & Follow Your Passion Conference on April 6th 

This Saturday is the third installment of NY Creative Interns’ Find & Follow Your Passion conference. It will be held at The New School and will include speakers from Nickelodeon, MTV, Ogilvy, Donna Karan, BET, GQ Magazine, and Foursquare. Make sure to register today!

Coachella 2013

I’ll be heading to Coachella next week and can’t wait! Follow me on Instagram for photos and I’ll be sure to write a blog post or do after the weekend. I learned my lesson last year that trying to blog daily while at a festival like Coachella is impossible. Also, I’ll be camping and already tried to have a serious discussion last week about whether trees have outlets.

VICE’s Lil’ Bub & Friendz Outdoor Screening at Tribeca

On April 20th I’ll be heading to the outdoor screening of Lil’ Bub & Friendz as part of the Tribeca Film Festival. Watch the trailer, but essentially it’s about Internet cats! I might be as excited for this as Coachella

In case you missed it…

Check out my blog post on The Content Strategist on the World’s First Tumblr Art Symposium: Creative Disruption: Deconstructing Tumblr as Art.


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