Starting The Sketchbook Project

I just finished repurposing the outside cover of my book as part of my contribution to The Sketchbook Project 2012 by Art House Co-op. It’s comprised of glue and NY Times clippings, along with a random scrap of paper I found on the floor of my apartment.

Reb Carlsn The Sketchbook Project

The Sketchbook Project was created by Art House Co-op, an organization that creates massive, international art projects the bring artists together. They also own a gallery in Brooklyn called the Brooklyn Art Library, so artists have a chance to view their work.   The way The Sketchbook Project works is that thousands of artists all over the world sign up and receive a blank notebook to sketch and fill in over three months’ time.  Each person gets to select a theme to inspire what they create. I decided on the theme “The Last of the People I Know” and will reinterpret it as “The Last of the People We Know.” I wanted the subject to be about society as a whole, not just me.  I’m still figuring out in my head how to interpret that through drawing, but I’m playing around with the idea of things that people leave behind, such as their impression on other people, how they chose to present themselves, and what they chose to say in order to support that.


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