Awesome Social Stuff – Week of 7.11 – 7.15.11

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Shame on me for not posting this on Friday – I guess I was too excited for Pitchfork Music Fest.

Partnership Spotlight

Coca-Cola Offers Twitter followers free Spotify subscriptions


What it is

Coca-Cola is offering a sweet deal for its Twitter followers: free Spotify subscriptions. Spotify is an award-winning digital music service popular in Europe.  Yesterday it was announced that Sppotify would launch in the U.S. Free trial memberships were hard to come by Klout, Chevrolet and Coca-Cola partnered to deliver free accounts to followers.

Why it matters

The excitement surrounding the launch of Spotify in the US created buzz online as people explored the service and compared it to competitor Rdio.  Since memberships are exclusive, Coca-Cola provided them as a gift to their Twitter followers.  Since the news was discussed throughout Twitter, it made sense to offer it to their smaller Twitter audience than their robust Facebook Community.  The “gift” of a membership was important to the social savvy followers on Twitter, expanding Coca-Cola’s relevance in the social space.

Interesting Stats

Global mobile research on the smartphone user and the mobile marketer from MMA and Google

What it is

* Smartphone users have looked for local information on their mobile devices: US-90%, UK-81%, France-83%, Germany-85%, Japan-90%

* And these local information seekers have taken action after looking up local content: US-87%, UK-80%, France-83%, Germany-79%, Japan-80%

* Across the board, consumers are using their smartphone while in a store: US-82%, UK-68%, France-82%, Germany-65%, Japan-75%

* Not only are smartphone users using their mobile phones while shopping, they are also making purchases on their mobile device: US-29%, UK-28%, France-17%, Germany-28%  , Japan-45%

Creative Campaigns

Artis, When OOH Goes Viral

What it is

To celebrate a “baby boom” of animals, Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo placed removable animal stickers on posters across the city. Anyone could remove the stickers of baby giraffes, penguins, parrots and other animals, and place them elsewhere like sides of buses, cars, store windows.

Why it matters

A “guerrilla” campaign that proves that even traditional advertising can go “viral.”

Other Cool Things.

iPhone 4 Video Gives a Fresh Perspective on Guitar Playing [VIDEO]

Gojee Is Like StumbleUpon For Recipes

Google+ About To Hit 10 Million Users [REPORT]

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