Animal Collective Setting Up For Friday Night Pitchfork Performance

“Animal Collective are basically indie rock’s greatest cock teases.” self-titled mag is my official favorite new magazine.

My little sister and I decided to stand and wait by the Green Stage for Animal Collective around 7:55 pm.  Not only do you see people from all walks of life waiting in anticipation for Animal Collective (dreads, bandeau tops, and Lacoste polos), waiting for Animal Collective to start is a lot like a cock tease. You think the stage is already mind-blowing enough, and then they add another element.

“Okay cool, we got some festive hanging garlands…”

“Ooo, some metallic squirrel shaped garlands…”

“Wait, is that a huge crystal?”


“It’s finally coming together…”

“Excellent addition of blue lights…”

“Oh my god, EVERYTHING lights up?”

The first time I saw Animal Collective was at Pitchfork after they released Strawberry Jam.  That show included my favorite Animal Collective songs, but last night really proved their musical prowess, which I guess you could say is just proof of how they matured through the years.  They also did a great job transitioning between songs from Feels and “What Would I Want? Sky”

More photos and videos to come!

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