Five Ways to Get Inspired Right Now

We all have our slow afternoons. What with the fact this weekend is Halloween (and I’m looking for someone to go to Hell at the Hall at Webster Hall with The Black Lips) and the cold weather is creeping in, it can be hard to find inspiration. Here are five ways to do so:

Listen  to something new

The CMJ Music Marathon wrapped up last week, so there are plenty of recaps about which bands you should listen to.  So fire up your Spotify  and start listening.  I’m currently loving Friends (video up above).  If you aren’t in the mood to great your own custom music listening experience, search for ready made playlists and mixtapes.  Try Gorilla Vs. Bear  (there’s a great Halloween 2011 mix now) or try 99% Music Mix – Destination: Elsewhere by Arye Dworken of Self-Titled. Continue reading “Five Ways to Get Inspired Right Now”

I Will Make You Smile In Five Ways Or Less

  1. Here is a picture of me in the backseat of my mom’s car driving from Chicago to Michigan last week.  That white blob is a ridiculous pouffy wedding dress.  I sat for over two hours with heavy silk on my lap.  I eventually fell asleep.  Whenever I moved, the plastic would rustle and my sister would whip around to make sure I wasn’t eating her dress or doing something else sacrilegious.
  2. I went to #Websdays last night and was hoping a guy would say this: Continue reading “I Will Make You Smile In Five Ways Or Less”

Awesome Social Stuff – Week of 7.11 – 7.15.11

Image courtesy of cutpasteprint

Shame on me for not posting this on Friday – I guess I was too excited for Pitchfork Music Fest.

Partnership Spotlight

Coca-Cola Offers Twitter followers free Spotify subscriptions


What it is

Coca-Cola is offering a sweet deal for its Twitter followers: free Spotify subscriptions. Spotify is an award-winning digital music service popular in Europe.  Yesterday it was announced that Sppotify would launch in the U.S. Free trial memberships were hard to come by Klout, Chevrolet and Coca-Cola partnered to deliver free accounts to followers.

Why it matters Continue reading “Awesome Social Stuff – Week of 7.11 – 7.15.11”