My Name is Reb on Le 21eme Arrondissement

In case you missed it,

last Saturday myself and my roommate Steph (The Big Brown Bag) met up in Soho with the adorable Adam Sinding of Seattle-based street style blog Le 21eme Arrondissement to talk about the best coffee (not Starbucks), New York City rent (ridiculous but if you care about locations…) and true beauty (for women it’s always about the hair).  He also took a picture of what we were wearing and did a short video with us saying what we were wearing (Top Shop, Gucci, Enzo Angiolini, American Apparel…Delia’s anyone remember Delia’s?).  I only have a suspicion on how Steph felt (check out her entry here ) but I felt like a dork. However, we did get a positive reaction from our friends about how cute and stylish we were.  To quote my clever friend Brianne “I see two cuties, possibly with booties.”

Make sure to check out our video too – “the scarf is from my MOM!”

Stephanie Leke + Rebecca Carlson from Le 21ème Arrondissement on Vimeo.

This is the first shred of hard evidence that I might actually be fashionable.

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