My Favorite Things #20: BaddieWinkle & Barbie

Socality Barbie
Socality Barbie is this amazing Instagram account that satirizes the “authentic lifestyle” trend on Instagram. Picturesque landscapes, lattes in cafes, and thoughtful stares into the distance aren’t safe on this account created by a Portland-based wedding photographer who thought the homogeneity of their authenticity and universality of their socality all but demanded satirization.

Refinery29’s 29Rooms Exhibition
In honor of NYFW beginning this week, Refinery29 created an interactive exhibition celebrating style, culture and art in a warehouse in Greenpoint (my neighborhood!) featuring collaborators from the worlds of fashion, beauty, food, art and design include Shantell Martin, Hattie Stewart, CONFETTISYSTEM, Charlotte Tilbury, Petra Collins, Danielle Levitt, Amirah Kassem, Print All Over Me, Hisham Bharoocha, Crystal Moselle, and the women of ALDA. The multi-sensory experiences are designed to shine a light on issues facing society today, such as gender identity, body positivity, and politics. The exhibit is free and open to the public from September 11 and 12, from 12 noon to 8pm, at 15 Huron Street, Brooklyn, New York.

Polaroid’s New Camera
Polaroid created a new camera, the Polaroid Snap, that prints photos without using a drop of ink, creating a literal instaprint.

Reality TV Show Art Breaker$ (dear God, help us)
Ovation TV has a new reality show of that follows two art dealers as they navigate what Hyperallergic refers to as the “absurdly tacky, monied art world.” It’s interesting because in the show they are described as having “MFAs”, which Hyperallergic seemed to scoff at because they were from Sotheby’s Institute of Art, which offers online courses in art (that I admittedly looked into at one point) but no MFA programs. Maybe the embellishment will make them appear more authentic to “true” members of the art world.

BaddieWinkle  is the hippest grandmother around with 1.5 Million Instagram followers. Refinery29 released a video (top of the post) with her talking about how after her husband died, she decided to change her perspective on life and not take a day for granted. She’s truly an inspiration to enjoy each and every day you have – and above all, have fun while doing it.


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