My Favorite Things #20: BaddieWinkle & Barbie

Socality Barbie
Socality Barbie is this amazing Instagram account that satirizes the “authentic lifestyle” trend on Instagram. Picturesque landscapes, lattes in cafes, and thoughtful stares into the distance aren’t safe on this account created by a Portland-based wedding photographer who thought the homogeneity of their authenticity and universality of their socality all but demanded satirization. Continue reading “My Favorite Things #20: BaddieWinkle & Barbie”

My Favorite Things #19: Japanese Style Blog, Dismaland, & The Jealous Curator

coffee mug, ice cream, dessert, product design
coffee mug, ice cream, dessert, product design
The most amazing coffee mug in the world. Tis my favorite. Find more of my design favorites on my Instagram @mynameisreb

Most of my favorite things this week I’ve been saving over the past few weeks that relate to fashion, art, and music. A lot of it comes from browsing ideas for blog stories, influencers, and possible partnerships while at work.

1 – The Jealous Curator Podcast

I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts while I get ready for work each morning. One of my favorites over the past few weeks is The Jealous Curator: Art For Your Ear: by Danielle Krysa. Continue reading “My Favorite Things #19: Japanese Style Blog, Dismaland, & The Jealous Curator”

My Favorite Things #18 – Cultural Access

daft punk, infographic, color palette, kelly moore, random access memories

Lately, I’ve been interested in how technology shapes how we experience culture, specifically art, music, and literature. It may have something to do with the start of summer, which in New York means gallery visits, free music shows, and outdoor screenings as just a small part of the abundance of accessible culture available to us. It’s interesting to see how over time, the presence of culture hasn’t change, but the ways we access it and how it’s available to us has. All of my favorite things this week relate to the shifting (or not shifting) of culture. Continue reading “My Favorite Things #18 – Cultural Access”

My Favorite Things #17 – Spring Has Sprung!

philosophy, poetry, books, coffee and cigarettes

I can’t describe to you what a great week this was – and it’s all due to the weather. I literally feel the SAD slipping away. With the beautiful weather came impromptu walks around SoHo, a flood of support for a good cause, amazing mini infographics, and something you should watch in the privacy of your own home. Below is what made this week awesome:

1. The phenomenon of many Facebook users changing their profile picture to a red version of the  Human Rights Campaign‘s logo.
What was most exciting was how it was constantly remixed and spread throughout Facebook. Whether I was in a private group, look at my friends tab, or just scrolling through the newsfeed, the logo was there as a constant reminder of how much support there is for gay marriage. Check out the Daily Dot for more examples.

via Emmanuel Winston
via Emmanuel Winston

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My Favorite Things #15 – 2013 Is Pretty Awesome So Far

Yes! “My Favorite Things” is back!!! Thank you #30DaysofEarly for allowing me to write every morning while eating my cereal! Woo!

1. The wallpaper in the Wythe Hotel

printed wallpaper, brooklyn hotel, wythe hotel
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My Favorite Things #13: Holiday Cookies You Must Try

holiday cookies, cookie recipes

When it comes to the holidays, there are some years I am on top of it; buying thoughtful gifts and wrapping them in hand drawn paper, baking cookies, making cards, and the week I have off between Christmas and New Year’s Day is incredibly relaxing.  I’m not sure what happened this year, but I wasn’t able to get half the things I wanted to accomplish done, but one thing I refused to let go was making a bunch of holiday cookies. Always overly ambitious, I made five different recipes.  Two were family staples, one is a holiday tradition, and two were new discoveries via Pinterest. Continue reading “My Favorite Things #13: Holiday Cookies You Must Try”

My Favorite Things #12: Marc Johns’ Serious Drawings

marc johns, serious drawings

This morning my friend Namrata told me about Marc Johns and his  Serious Drawings. They are adorable, smart, and clever. His book Serious Drawings  has already made it onto my Christmas list.  These drawings have also inspired me to do one of those “one day for a year” projects starting January 1st which slightly more ambitious people do. Continue reading “My Favorite Things #12: Marc Johns’ Serious Drawings”

My Favorite Things #11 – Awesome Blogs

Throughout my workday, I need to take a mental break and go through a few blogs that are very visual and inspiring.  I’ll be at work and discover a new one and laugh out loud, more so out of surprise and delight at how many creative people are out there than actual ha-ha’s.  Most of these blogs are minimal in design.  I feel there is an emerging trend in minimalism and organization that serves as a welcome break in our chaotic and disheveled selves. Some of these blogs I discovered through my friend Namrata at work, who by now knows my tastes in cooking, design, and irony.


lookbook cookbook

Hot pics with models showing off delicious vegan baked goods that actually has ingredients I have heard of (top two most used are cashews and coconut oil).

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