My Favorite Things #19: Japanese Style Blog, Dismaland, & The Jealous Curator

coffee mug, ice cream, dessert, product design
coffee mug, ice cream, dessert, product design
The most amazing coffee mug in the world. Tis my favorite. Find more of my design favorites on my Instagram @mynameisreb

Most of my favorite things this week I’ve been saving over the past few weeks that relate to fashion, art, and music. A lot of it comes from browsing ideas for blog stories, influencers, and possible partnerships while at work.

1 – The Jealous Curator Podcast

I’ve gotten into the habit of listening to podcasts while I get ready for work each morning. One of my favorites over the past few weeks is The Jealous Curator: Art For Your Ear: by Danielle Krysa. Krysa created the blog The Jealous Curator in 2009 and launched her podcast this past May. I love her podcast because it’s less art critique and more so an exploration in anxiety, artist’s block, method, and confidence behind successful artists. She’s so warm and friendly with her guests (she’ll make jokes about how they are both drinking wine during the interview, or the fact they are conducting the interview over Skype or in “pillow forts.”) After each episode I feel so inspired and motivated to find time to create work and share it.

Screen shot 2015-08-26 at 11.17.31 PM

2 – Banksy’s Dismaland

Banksy’s latest art project is an entire theme park called Dismaland, which has been described as creepy and dismal.

3 – Tokyo Street Fashion News / style-arena

I discovered this blog while doing research for NYFW. It covers the diverse landscape of Japanese street style and notes the region and inspiration for each ensemble.


4 – Basilica Soundscape

I don’t even know which site I was on but I was drawn to click on a banner ad that led me to the discovery of Basilica Soundscape, which is basically a more grown up and intellectual version of a music/art festival. Held in Hudson, NY, attendees are invited to camp under the stars and attend after parties at the townie bar. Sights to see are various films, eclectic bands (like HEALTH, Perfume Genius, Lydia Ainsworth and Actress) and art inside an old factory, but best of all is the huge festival wide brunch and marketplace happening on that Sunday.

basilica soundscape

5 – Undertow Tickets / Sofar Sounds

I wrote an article for Master & Dynamic’s blog about Sofar Sounds, an  organization that focuses on bringing intimate live, acoustic performances to living rooms across the globe. I was able to attend a performance in the apartment of the owners of Fishs Eddy (what?) and had an amazing time. The show locations and artists are kept secret until the day of, so you are in for a treat each time. I also found out about Undertow Tickets, which is similar to Sofar Sounds but operates more as a network for bands to find venues (mostly living rooms) and attendees to find unique shows to attend.

sofar sounds nyc

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