Here’s to Happiness {by Reb}

One of my favorite blogs, The Rockstar Diaries, has a regular feature called “Here’s to Happiness” where readers can submit ten things that make them happy. I’m feeling elated at the moment, so I felt like sharing mine:

reb carlson, wedding, catching the bouquet
Myself at my sister's wedding this summer, having recently caught the bouquet with Matthew, age 4, who caught the garter

1. The leaves changing color.
2. Receiving praise from someone I admire and aspire to be one day.
3. That my sister Deborah just got engaged (I already started sharing ideas via Pinterest).
4. Writing something I truly believe is brilliant.
5. Having long talks with old friends.
6. That pumpkin butter is back at Trader Joe’s.
7. Reading a book and forgetting the characters are fictional.
8. The fact I’m already excited for the upcoming holidays.
9. Finally being able to wear more layers.
10. This picture of my father among my sister Theresa’s wedding photos:

wedding, father dather dance

What things are making you happy?

3 thoughts on “Here’s to Happiness {by Reb}

  1. having another family to celebrate fun times with. thanks reb for posting a pic with matthew. he made the web at the age of 4 outside of facebook, amazing!
    your brother(in-law), Tim

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