My Favorite Things #8: M83 Remixes, Textbooks about Brooklyn Gentrification, and Risk

M83 Midnight City Remixes EP

Out now and ready for you to download.  Featuring an impressive set of remixes by Trentemoller, Big Black Delta, Man Without Country and Team Ghost.  Listen to a few here  and my favorite down below by Trentemoller.

Midnight City (Trentemøller Remix) by M83

The Invention of Brownstone Brooklyn: Gentrification and the Search for Authenticity in Postwar New York


Ever since The Wall Street Journal stated that my Bed-Stuy brownstone was considered in the “historic district” of Brooklyn and now is a “buyers market,” I’ve been interested in how Brooklyn has become synonymous with an idealized counterculture of New York City. Though friends have been wondering why I’m reading a “textbook” (few pictures!), it has allowed me to give a proper argument that hipsters have been invading Brooklyn since the 1950’s.

Autumnal Recipes

Believe the muggy weather or not, fall is approaching and with it delicious recipes with the produce in season such as sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  My friends Marny is having a picnic for her birthday soon and I’m bringing my favorite: Roasted Sweet Potato Salad with Black Beans and Chili Dressing from the New York Times.

Discovering the Optimal Time For Reading

I was scheduling a brainstorm for work and was wondering when the best time of time was for collaborating.  I stumbled upon a list that shares which activity is best to do during the day based on how awake your mind is.  I can’t find an original source and I do want to write more later, but the best time for reading is 9 am – 11 am.  Now you have no excuse to not read the news.

“Risk” Revival

I’m still not sure how it was started, but a few coworkers and I started a game of Risk on Monday, playing for a half hour every day.  We figured that it was a great way to flex the strategic parts of the brain.  Though I could share plenty of sources about the popularity of social games online, there’s nothing like staring directly in the face of your opponent as you battle for Siberia.

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