Ernest Hemingway Was Only a Little Bit Crazy

A few months ago I read the The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin and there was one takeaway from the book that I apply to life, brainstorms at work, and justifying why I wake up before 6 am most days.  The key to knowing what will make you happy is to do what you enjoyed as a child.

I wrote.  I have shelves full of notebooks binders of journals, poetry and short stories.  One of my favorite memories from when I was a child was when my sisters and I made our own daily paper: The Carlson Girls Gazette.  I loved writing essays in class and never had to think about writing well – I just did it. I also always was jealous when someone else was praised for their writing.

College through me for a loop.  Originally wanting to study journalism, I already knew that the publishing industry was dying and focused more on studying the business that requires writing well.  Thankfully, social media started emerging right when I was considering options for a career.  Essentially a communication medium, my interest in social media had led me to getting a job after graduating in 2010.  Working at an advertising agency requires my thinking to be geared  to  business, how to make money, and thinking of the objectives of my clients; no Carlson Girls Gazette. Continue reading “Ernest Hemingway Was Only a Little Bit Crazy”