My Favorite Things #17 – Spring Has Sprung!

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I can’t describe to you what a great week this was – and it’s all due to the weather. I literally feel the SAD slipping away. With the beautiful weather came impromptu walks around SoHo, a flood of support for a good cause, amazing mini infographics, and something you should watch in the privacy of your own home. Below is what made this week awesome:

1. The phenomenon of many Facebook users changing their profile picture to a red version of the  Human Rights Campaign‘s logo.
What was most exciting was how it was constantly remixed and spread throughout Facebook. Whether I was in a private group, look at my friends tab, or just scrolling through the newsfeed, the logo was there as a constant reminder of how much support there is for gay marriage. Check out the Daily Dot for more examples.

via Emmanuel Winston
via Emmanuel Winston

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