All I want for Christmas

Here you are family and friends, My Christmas List.  Or a list of items that define my personality so much so that if having never met me and  saw all these things thrown into a drawer, you would understand me to my inner core – or at least have a good guess of my interests. Some you should take more seriously than others.

  • iTouch – smartphones are on the rise.  I have  many statuses on social networking platforms to update.  I love Verizon Wireless too much to give it up.  My iPod is finally on the fritz.  I’m hoping wherever I land my first job, a Blackberry would automatically come my way.
  • Black Hill’s Gold Jewelry
  • Books – anything by Roald Dahl, Infinite Jest , Word Virus: The William S. Burroughs Reader, Last Exit to Brooklyn, Googled: The End of the World As We Know It by Ken Auletta (need for an independent study next semester)
  • Movies – Royal Tennenbaums –  Wed Anderson,  Woody Allen – Manhattan
  • Piano player/singer of White Rabbits Stephen Patterson.  Dear Stephen, Locking eyes with you at the Wicker Park Fest over the summer…I can’t, I can’t, I just…ugh I can’t even…marry me.
  • black tights by the truck load – I will be damned if I walk around looking like some hobo hipster.
  • “Ugg Repellent” – If I never see a pair of Uggs again, it would be too soon.
  • knitted hats – I’ll be damned if I get a cold this winter.
  • Adobe Suite – best to buy while I can claim student status
  • Black hardcover sketchbook 8.5 x 11
  • membership to Underground Library Project
  • an appearance on IFC’s “Food Party”
  • oil pastels
  • that my shoes will stop falling apart
  • that i will learn that all the walking I do is not worth ruined shoes and I should just spring for subway fair.