Rainn Wilson at Strand Bookstore Talking About SoulPancake

Tonight I went to Strand Bookstore near Union Square to see Rainn Wilson (The Office) talk about his new book SoulPancake, inspired by the online site/forum Wilson created allowing modern folks to discuss life, creativity, philosophy, spirituality, and many questions “to chew on.”  It’s strange to see Rainn Wilson in person and not in the character of Dwight Schrute, but what’s even stranger is that I expected him to really prepare some groundbreaking and insightful monologue about the philosophy of life.  He told fart jokes, made fun of his own status as a mini-celebrity and said it felt great to say  s@#& in a bookstore. Rainn also made sure to rub his mouth all over the same microphone he hoped Margaret Atwood used.  Yet in all his absurdity, he spoke as a man with honesty and true depth. Continue reading “Rainn Wilson at Strand Bookstore Talking About SoulPancake”