Boomerang: Intro to Next Level of Social Gifting


ImageLast week I received an email invitation to Boomerang, a social gifting service that was formerly Gtrot, a social travel planning service. Most emails that are sent to me fall victim to my daily attempt of clearing out my inbox (I average on receiving over 100 emails a day from newsletters, subscriptions, etc.). What caught my eye was an email marketing 101 tactic – the subject line said I had a free gift. Continue reading “Boomerang: Intro to Next Level of Social Gifting”

Interview with StyleSays Co-Founder Jess Lam

Co-founder Jess Lam describes StyleSays as a place for friends to meet up online and shop hundreds of curated stores. Shoppers create wish lists across all the stores which they share with close friends and receive sales updates for. Last week I talked about how I first found out about StyleSays via some clever marketing and how I got in touch with Jess.  What makes StyleSays different is that their objective isn’t just to make online shopping more social as others claim, but to help shoppers make more confident purchases.  In time it might be a great community to leverage for a brand’s e-commerce.  After the jump is the interview about the emerging platform perfect for fashionistas who are savvy in social. Continue reading “Interview with StyleSays Co-Founder Jess Lam”