Joshua Davis Lost Interest In Me

A few weeks ago, I wrote an entry about Joshua Davis, the infamous tattooed web designer, author, and new media designer.    I was the vision of a delighted eight-year-old girl who got a pony when he found my blog (through Googling himself and finding my Twitter), commented, and invited me to his studio.  After a few emails, we decided I would stop by after he got back from London.

In this age, we respond to emails immediately, tweet constantly, publish/upload anything and everything as quickly as possible, and keep going as fast as we can because time is of the essence and nothing should slow us down.

Then real life happens.

Three weeks later, such a visit has not happened, an email was sent from me, and no response.  I might have lost my chance of getting the chance to meet some one AWESOME and having a story about how Twitter can bring good things.

Dear Joshua Davis,

I was so excited at the prospect of meeting you and visiting your studio, not to mention I would have a great story to tell Twitter-haters and blog-bashers.  However, I let time get away from me and I’m afraid I lost my chance.  But as mere humans we cannot control the force of chaos and when it decides to occur, it’s always at the worst possible time.  I must also take into account you are an extremely busy man with amazing opportunities and business ventures in the works, and I am just an unemployed college graduate who was earlier contemplating whether to eat rice & beans that fell on the kitchen floor.

I graduated.

Had dental surgery that became complicated.

myself and my beau

It took myself and my roommates our third offer on an apartment before we stopped the cycle of being screwed over by hidden fees and shady landlords.

Time Warner did a number on me and took four days to tell me they didn’t have service in Brooklyn.  I didn’t have Internet for a week, which is ironic because I spent half of that at Internet Week.

Such are the enjoyable situations one finds themselves the first month of the real world.  Everything is at a state of homeostasis now, except I still kick myself regularly for losing out on such an opportunity.

If at all possible, I hope you stumble on this again, make me the happiest eight-year-old girl who got a pony and together we can  figure out another studio visit.

Por favor?


Reb Carlson

unemployed college graduate who knows nothing of the 5 second rule