How To Write A Blog Post and Do It Well

chromatic typewriter, Tyree Callahan
The Chromatic Typewriter via Gizmag

Last November I had been doing this blog a disservice. What with Thanksgiving and a lot to do at work and despite a successful month in October with the most visits ever, I barely broke 1,000 for November.  December has been much better, mostly on account of posts introducing new social shopping site StyleSays and my interview with StyleSays co-founder Jess Lam. What with trying to write for this blog along with projects at work and posts for Contently’s blog The Content Strategist, I found myself constantly having to write.  Trying to ideate interesting stories and write them well is difficult, so I was happy when over Thanksgiving I  rediscovered my method for writing I perfected in high school and college but seemed to have forgotten in the past two years.  Continue reading “How To Write A Blog Post and Do It Well”