Tips for Working Efficiently When You Aren’t Feeling Efficient

I took this photo last Saturday while making Snickerdoodles for a picnic (an indoor picnic).  This photo encapsulates me at my worst, and makes me question why I have never been diagnosed with ADD.  First off, I decided to make cookies only that morning for a picnic that day.  Whilst making them on a time crunch,  there was a need to take a picture of “Happy Boy Margarine” I may or may not have intentionally purchased from our corner Bodega.  I was also somehow trying to finish folding laundry, clean my apartment and figure out how to get myself into downtown Manhattan on a weekend when the A train runs on the F line – plus find time for grooming since it wasn’t even noon and I was drenched in sweat.  That might also be a bottle of wine on the table.  Continue reading “Tips for Working Efficiently When You Aren’t Feeling Efficient”