In the aftermath of the Grammys, will local music venues survive?

Because of increased viewership for the Grammy Awards last year, a 30-second ad can now run for $800,000. While extravagant¬† live events bring on interesting advertising along with a celebrity or two, I did not watch the Grammy’s. However, I know that I will hear of all the highlights by noon today. And that you can still find gems like this shot of Cee Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow.

While the music industry is on an upswing in terms of earning dollars from viewership and awards shows become an even bigger display of pageantry, there seems to be a bigger disconnect between music artists and fans. This can be remedied through a live show in an intimate venue. However, while one facet of the music industry gains strength, a smaller and less mainstream music culture suffers another loss through the closing of yet another New York music venue, Southpaw. Continue reading “In the aftermath of the Grammys, will local music venues survive?”