Brief Life Update

paris, seine river, reb carlson
Photo by yours truly of buildings along the Seine River in Paris

It’s been a few months since I have written, but not for lack of motivation. The past four months have been so life changing that writing for personal use was forced to become an afterthought. I feel both grounded and elated now that things are starting to fall into place. Some highlights: Continue reading “Brief Life Update”

What Do I Have to Say to NY Creative Interns?


Tonight I’ll be the keynote speaker for NY Creative Interns’ Monthly Student/Grad/Professional Mixer for March. It starts at 7 pm and is hosted by the wonderful folks at I’ll be presenting a version of Making Moves: A post-grad’s view on opportunity, success, and “safe bets” that I first shared when I spoke at Hofstra Unversity last fall. Almost six months later, the content remains true. When I stopped trying to plan out every single thing in my life and actually started taking risks is when more opportunities presented themselves to me. However, there is one question that I am not sure I can help interns and students answer, since I’m unsure how to solve it myself. Continue reading “What Do I Have to Say to NY Creative Interns?”

Why NY Tech Scene Is Full of Artists, Not Capitalizers

A few weeks ago I was reading a New York Times article called On the Move, in a Thriving Tech Sector talking about how more start-ups were receiving funding and moving into larger offices, further strengthening “Silicon Alley” a.k.a. a vertical line that spans from Midtown to downtown Manhattan where many startups call home. One line that caught my attention was a quote from   Adam Pritzker, a founder of General Assembly, who said that the NY tech scene differs from the one in Silicon Valley because people were more like artisans than capitalizers: “what this movement is doing is showing people that they aren’t cogs in a larger bureaucracy. It’s reconnecting them with things they make themselves, with craft.” Continue reading “Why NY Tech Scene Is Full of Artists, Not Capitalizers”

NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash & Pursuing Impossible Dreams

ny creative interns
Taken with Instagram by GirlWalkAllDay

I really need to cut back on the caffeine.  Last night I was standing with a mic, introducing former Googler, author, blogger, and life coach Jenny Blake in front of the crowded room and all I could think about was whether the anxiety I felt was just nerves and adrenaline, or the after effect of drinking copious amounts of black tea throughout the day. Last night was the NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash held at Wix Lounge with speakers Jacob Krupnick, Director of Girl Walk // All Day and Jenny Blake, author and blogger for Life After College.  Along with speaking, I carried two hundred napkins, a video camera and tripod from SoHo to Flatiron, make the hors d’oeuvre table come to life, and had some fabulous fashionista insist on taking a photo of my new Sam Edelman’s. All around, it was the epitome of what it takes to help put together an event in Manhattan during the holiday season.  Continue reading “NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash & Pursuing Impossible Dreams”

A Few Of My Favorite Things #7

The past few days were full of epic failure, including losing my phone at the worst possible time: during the weekend when finding public transit directions with Google Maps in the blink of an eye is a method of survival.  However, when life hands you lemons, you make lemonade, Continue reading “A Few Of My Favorite Things #7”

“I Can’t Quit You” – Why I’m Blogging Again

Photo Courtesy of Matt Lettini


After somewhat of a hiatus, I’m blogging again.  May 16th, the date I graduated from Hofstra last year, came and went.  On May 22nd this year I watched from the bleachers as my boyfriend Bill walked across the same stage I did a year ago.  Hours before, I had to take a pair of scissors to the sleeves of his gown because in his true fashion, he never ordered his cap and gown like he was supposed to and had to use what was left over.  Continue reading ““I Can’t Quit You” – Why I’m Blogging Again”

NY Creative Interns Kickoff Meetup is TONIGHT!

NY Creative Interns Kickoff Event

What happened to fall?  It seemed like it was just September when Emily Miethner said we both needed to stop just TALKING about our idea for NY Creative Interns and actually make it happen. Now here we are, the day of the Kickoff Meetup, and though I’m working on getting my voice back (gosh darn cold) and figuring out where I can get a dry erase board, I have to say that for Emily’s pipe dream of creating NY Creative Interns, it’s taking off. Continue reading “NY Creative Interns Kickoff Meetup is TONIGHT!”

NY Creative Interns – Make Sure You Pay It Forward

For a second, I imagined life after college like a mini vacation – I would come home from a productive day of work, cook a beautiful dinner, go out and see friends, have time to read, etc.  However, there are people out there who can’t sit still a second – and I’m one of those fidgety people.

Emily Miethner and I met on the first day of Ultimate Frisbee practice at Hofstra University a little over four years ago.  She and I both spent college involved with extracurricular activities, starting our own clubs, and interning at as many places as we could.  We spent last spring riding the LIRR to our internships in Manhattan (her Time Out New York, me Independent Film Channel) talking about searching for a job, WordPress, and the perfect template for a resume.  We both had the same plan after graduation – stay in New York and go to every network event, freelance meeting, and interview we could. Continue reading “NY Creative Interns – Make Sure You Pay It Forward”