Fair Folks US Promises a Unique Artistic Community Inside a Cafe #30DaysofContent

mark warren jacques, painted store front, FF&G
Fair Folks US’ amazing storefront was painted by Portland, OR based artist Mark Warren Jacques

I’ve had a fascination with Fair Folks & A Goat ever since I met Aurora  Stokowski Mazzei in 2010 when I as working at Organicoa. Back then they had a location on the Upper East Side that was an apartment turned art gallery and community space. The pieces and the artists that Aurora and her husband Anthony curate are truly unique and inspiring. The first event I went to I was amazed by an artist called Ari Tabei who created her own “synthetic homes” to protect herself from the natural world.

A few weeks ago Aurora reached out and told me about their next endeavor; a new location on West Houston called Fair Folks US that would bring an artistic community space to Greenwich Village as well as fantastic coffee. Continue reading “Fair Folks US Promises a Unique Artistic Community Inside a Cafe #30DaysofContent”

MyNameIsReb at #CMMeetup in Etsy Dumbo Offices

On Tuesday I went to my first Community Managers Meetup with Emily Miethner, which was held in the Etsy Offices located in Dumbo, Brooklyn.  If you haven’t heard yet, Etsy is a fast growing online marketplace for handmade crafts, art, and vintage.  Continue reading “MyNameIsReb at #CMMeetup in Etsy Dumbo Offices”