Singer Erin Willett Belongs On The Voice; Won Battle With “We Belong”

Last night my friends Mike and Jess and I watched my friend and old roommate Erin Willett on The Voice.  I must be some sort of an influencer because I have my coworkers, friends, family, their coworkers, friends, and family all watching The Voice religiously in order to get a glimpse of Erin. I loved listening to her sing Pat Benatar’s “We Belong,” (to the point where I might actually buy it on iTunes) though myself and the rest of us felt like the segment was much too short. In general, I feel like Erin hasn’t really shown what she is made of yet. I’ve heard her singing around the apartment and I can confidently say that viewers haven’t seen anything yet. I hope she gets to rap at least once. Continue reading “Singer Erin Willett Belongs On The Voice; Won Battle With “We Belong””

New York City Is So Over

Bridge Into Manhattan

Last night I went to the Bohemian Hall Beer Garden in Astoria to say goodbye to my friend Jacob Vanags.  He’s moving to Los Angeles in a fews days with his brother to become the hottest duo to hit the travel industry and pursue music.  My roommate Erin Willett is leaving today to pursue her dream and she is this close to making it.

Both friends I met at Hofstra University, a school notorious for having students accept admission only because of the close proximity to New York City, the epicenter of the world and full of opportunities.  Why are my most talented friends talking about leaving then? Continue reading “New York City Is So Over”

Erin Willett: Soulful singer with devil may care attitude

Photo of Erin Willett by Jeff Weller

Last night I saw my roommate and good friend Erin Willett (Duck and Drake Records) perform at Otto’s Shrunken Head.  When Douglas Crets of Fast Company asked me via Twitter to describe Otto’s, I said Continue reading “Erin Willett: Soulful singer with devil may care attitude”