perez is not my homeboy

i didn’t think this would happen
but in response to a week’s worth of information overload about how technology is constantly changing and how we need to keep up with it…somehow I, a somewhat non-technological, incapable traditionalist, have made a blog.

because when I think of blogs, I think of Perez Hilton…I hope to not go down that road…

Steve Rubel from Edelman Group spoke at Hofstra University last Wednesday to inform PR and Journalism majors alike about new media and how basically it is an unstoppable force we cannot control, but can utilize for our own benefit.

it scares me to imagine a future where people are more isolated than they already are and real personal contact is limited. I was reassured when Rubel stated that in order to reach consumers, business organizations must create relationships with their consumers. A collaboration between customers and businesses will generate the most success overall.

But still, I have always preferred interacting with people one on one and researching information independently. However, I realized that I must be more humble and come to the understanding that you have to keep up with what is already happening. My personal quest to bring about a society that values art, literature, music, and culture is not going to be successful until I adopt the habits and skills as my fellow consumers and peers. Which includes learning to appreciate blogs and those who read them.

On a personal level, my brain is fried. I spent about three hours in Calkins studio painting while listening to the new Devotchka album (thanks maggie), then I had to find the motivation to make this silly thing while waiting for my infinite amount of clothing to be washed. I’m going to attempt the crazy idea to sleep for three hours – the supposedly perfect amount in order to not be a zombie the next day. Which means if I sleep for three hours now…I’ll be up before the sun still.

Tomorrow morning is more painting, reading Gargantua and Pantagruel by Francois Rabelais before class, and attempting once again to actually read the paper on a Monday.