Year in Review + Best Blog Posts of 2012


For the past two years, I’ve written a post around New Year’s Day reflecting on the past year and what my resolutions should be for the next year.  Trust me, I have so much confidence in myself it’s unhealthy, but I never thought I would say this: 2012 was a pretty awesome year. I killed 2012. I killed it so hard. Financially, personally, mentally, emotionally, etc., 2012 is resting in peace. Continue reading “Year in Review + Best Blog Posts of 2012”

In Case You Missed It, This Is What You Missed

children's own, handmade stuffed animals, Wendy Tsao
This sweet creature was drawn by Eileen, age 8, & then brought to life by Wendy Tsao of Children’s Own Studio

This week has felt longer than normal, but discovering gems like Children’s Own Studio via PSFK, a playlist on Spotify with soundtracks from all of Wes Anderson‘s films, and a doc called “I Want To Say” about how autistic kids can finally express themselves with touch screen technology bring a relief throughout the workweek. Continue reading “In Case You Missed It, This Is What You Missed”

Why Instagram for Android is a BIG Deal

instagram for android

Just look at that lovely instamatic just popping over the horizon like a welcome sunrise, the dawning of a new era in photo sharing. Brace yourself – Instagram Android is big news ]because the community is going to get even bigger.

Yeaup. The easy-to-use site that makes everyone a skilled photographer is going to have a new influx of talent – and they believe in the power of Google. Continue reading “Why Instagram for Android is a BIG Deal”

Why You Should Be Blogging

I blog...
I don’t aim to become an overnight sensation.
I’m not hoping to find a clever way to pay my rent.
I would never desire for people to question my credibility because I’m known for being repelling and yet get a man.

The reason why I blog is because it’s a freaking smart thing to do – and you should do it too. Continue reading “Why You Should Be Blogging”