A Few of My Favorite Things #6

Arcade Fire’s “The Wilderness Downtown” video

People have been going apeshit this week about Arcade Fire’s newest video for “The Wilderness Downtown” – a beautiful marriage of HTML5, Google Street, View, interactivity, and a band that unfortunately everyone knows about now.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you are asked to enter the address of the home where you grew up and what follows afterward is a beautiful montage of previously filmed videos with new windows opening showing satellite views of your house, and birds.  Each window that magically appears with the timing of the song makes your brain explode a little bit more.  My favorite part was when you are asked to “draw or write” a note to your younger self, and then birds fly in and land on the letters.  Chrome Experiments breaks it down more technically than I can.


I discovered Artwalk.TV when I was looking through TechiesGiveBack’s Twitter Stream.  Evidently once a month, using the hashtag #artwalk, people come together and have a Twitter Chat about art uploaded to Artwalk.TV, a community site where you uploaded your artwork, create a profile, and reach out to other artists.  Patrons can make a donation in order to ensure that Artwalk.TV can “expand the human creative awareness of what art is and can be.”  The next chat is on September 28th and I wholeheartedly intend to join in.  Follow them on twitter @artwalktv

Hands and Knees
\”Dancing On Your Tears\”

This is exactly why I like Hype Machine – discovering new bands.  Hands and Knees reminds me of my friends’ bands in high school who played shows in their parents’ houses and everyone dances in the kitchen.  They kinda remind me of Voxtrot (???) with their Bostonian self-proclaimed “unfussiness”.  It is the kind of music you imagine dancing to very wholesomely with your boyfriend during a friend’s party.  Two of my favorites are “Dancing On Your Tears” and “The Moonlight is Wicked”.  Check out the rest of their albums and “keep whistling like a foolish old man.”

BTW – Dear members of Hand and Knees – it’s very awkward to Google your name to find images of your band and you end up with porn – and you are sitting next to a stranger on the Bolt Bus.

Bolt Bus

How come no one ever told me how AWESOME Bolt Bus is?  I bought tickets to visit my sister Deborah in Baltimore for Labor Day weekend and the WiFi along is AMAZING!!! Bolt Bus is perfect to take when you are leaving somewhere for the weekend: you have the ride to answer emails and such so you can actually enjoy your weekend.