Awesome Social Stuff – Week of 6.13 – 6.17.11

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New Startups
Meet the Yelp for Packaged Goods (Consmr)

What it is

CPG-Focused site pushes reviews for everyday products with check-ins.  Essentially, a social network for packaged goods with a mobile product in the works.

Why it matters

Packaged goods is now a $12 billion business in e-commerce but checking in to packaged goods is nothing new. Brands have had consumers scan barcodes in order to show they are holding the product in their hand. Many CPG brands are launching their own commerce platforms, such as Procter & Gamble Co.’s new Facebook commerce platform.

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Webutante Ball 2011 – Need to Learn to Pose Properly

On Tuesday Night I went to the Webutante Ball (courtesy of TechivesGiveBack) with my co-worker Tracy Fay, Community Manager at 360i and blogger at Modern Urban Living.  We shared a car with Tracy’s friend  Shannon Mechutan, TV producer, documentary filmmaker and blogger for Modern Urban Baby. Continue reading “Webutante Ball 2011 – Need to Learn to Pose Properly”

Social Media Jargon – Creating Confusion in the Workplace Daily

Sometimes I yearn for the days of St. Mark’s High School, where my mind was slightly more agile and getting an A on a psychology/philosophy/history/science test meant creating a list of important terms for each lesson and looking up their definition in the textbook’s glossary.  My oldest sister Theresa currently has the highest level of education of my immediate family (Occupational Therapy Doctorate from Washington University of St. Louis) and would swear her life by flashcards.  No offense to them, but such subjects have been in existence for at least a few hundred years and certain theories, definitions, and jargon are the norm of their field – you are sure to lose an argument if you disagree a term actually means something else.  However, myself and everyone else in the field of digital marketing and social media would agree that with such a new field of “study” (speaking of Twitter that launched in 2007 and Facebook in 2004) less than 10 years old, figuring out exactly what the proper jargon is leads to more confusion in the workplace on a daily basis. Continue reading “Social Media Jargon – Creating Confusion in the Workplace Daily”