Tried to do handstands for you…

Last night was my first show on WRHU’s Airwave since last spring.  If you missed it, listen on 9/ 22 at 9pm eastern on  Call in with requests 1 877 887 WRHU or tweet in requests @WRHU_Airwave.

The following are my favorite songs that I played last night.  I tried to include enough links for your listening pleasure.

Most of these will link to a video of a live performance, official music video, or an individual’s interpretation.  Sometimes a visual helps with the overall experience of hearing a GLORIOUS song for the first time.

lykke li dance dance dance (you can find great remixes for this as well. obv)
women group transport hall
impossible arms gonna move
diamond rings all yr songs
Coco Coco
Dr. Dog The Girl
Chairlift Bruises
Ponytail Beg Waves
The Big Pink Dominoes
Bjork Innocence
TV on the radio dancing choose
Coconut Records Back to You
Cake I Will Survive
The Mae Shi Run to Your Grave
Dan Le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip Thou Shalt Always Kill
passion pit sleepyhead
sleater kinney all hands on the bad one
animal collective my girls
The Strange boys woe is you and me
peter bjorn and john nothing to worry about
the smiths this charming man
fol chen no wedding cake
mumford and sons white blank page
my morning jacket one big holiday

Yeah yeah yeah yeah…

Here’s the playlist for tonight’s Airwave on WRHU 88.7FM



Gospel Claws Don’t Let It Die
Arctic Monkeys Leave Before the Lights Come On
Cosmic Starfish Don’t Give Up
Nada Surf Where Is My Mind?
The Juliana Theory Musicbox Superhero
Fol Chen No Wedding Cake
Various Artists Lovesong
M.I.A. Paper Planes (DFA Remix)
Shout Out Louds Hurry Up Let’s Go
Charles Spearin Anna
Myka 9 To The Sky
Dragon Fli Empire Fast Break
Shy Child Kick Drum (feat. Spank Rock)
el Goodo Feel So Fine
The Honorary Title Stuck at Sea
A.C. Newman Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer
Interpol P.D.A.
Talking Heads Life During Wartime
Vampire Weekend A-Punk
Pavement Roll With the Wind
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head Slow Motion Tag Team
Dan Auerbach The Prowl
Reel Big Fish Gigantic
Golden Boots Knife
Portugal the Man Shade
Bright Eyes We Are Nowhere and It’s Now
Titus Andronicus Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ
Spiral Beach Kind of Beast
Pixies Hey
Hot Panda Cold Hands/Chapped Lips

back from travels abroad

it’s been my second day back in the states. jet lag has been kind to me; i just want to sleep around 10 and 11 each night – as the average person should – but the average college student definitely should not. i uploaded my pictures today from Italy – there are over 700. it may take a bit to find the patience to upload them to facebook and this blog.

i started yesterday at Rubenstein and somehow was only mildly awkward.

tonight was my first Airwave show of the semester. sara (old producer) stuck around a bit for moral support.


Wed 1/28 9:30 PM

Cold War Kids = Mercury Lounge 21+ $22

Thu 1/29 7:00 PM

Kings of Leon = Madison Square Garden All Ages $44.50

Fri 1/30 8:00 PM

Dan Deacon, Thank You, Future Islands, Secret Guests, These Are Powers, USAISAMONSTER = Danbro Brewery Warehouse (Bklyn vs. B-more Battle Marathon) All Ages $3

(hopefully going to this show with steph and sara)

The Pretenders = Roseland Ballroom All Ages $49.50

Apes & Androids, The Phenomenal Handclap Band, Bonnie Baxter = Music Hall of Williamsburg 18+ $15

Sat 1/31 11:00 PM

The Thermals, Pretty & Nice = The Bell House 21+ $14

Mon 2/02 7:00 PM

Lykke Li = Webster Hall 18+ $22a/$25d


Artist Song Title Album C/A
The Decemberists I’m Sticking With You (Velvet Underground Cover Always the Bridesmaid: A Single Series C
Matt & Kim Don’t Slow Down Grand C
Land of Talk Some Are Lakes Some Are Lakes A
MGMT Kids American Teen Soundtrack A
Arctic Monkeys Brainstorm Favourite Worst Nightmare A
Charles Spearin Anna The Happiness Project C
My Dear Disco For Your Love Dancethink LP C
Gangi Subject Position A C
Joy Zipper Just Like Heaven Just Like Heaven C
The Mae Shi Party Politics Hillyh A
Howlies Angeline Trippin’ With Howlies C
Pavement Shady Lane/ J vs. S Brighten the Corner: Nicene Creedence Edition C
A.C. Newman Submarines of Stockholm Get Guilty C
Ladyhawke Magic Ladyhawke C
Her Space Holiday The New Kid Revival XOXO Panda and the New Kid Revival A
Golden Boots Easy Lie Winter of Our Discotheque C
Titus Andronicus Fear and Loathing in Mahwah, NJ The Airing of Grievances C
Thao Beat (Health, Life, and Fire) We Brave Bee Stings and All A
Dan Auerbach I Want Some More Keep It Hid C
Kinetic Stereokids Have A Nice Day Have A Nice Day EP C
Crystal Castles Crimewave (Crystal Castle vs. Health) S/T A
The Cure The End of the World The Cure A
Lonely, Dear Distant Dear John C
Cotton Jones Up A Tree (When This Heart I Have) Paranoid Cocoon C
Los Campesinos! All Your Keyfabe Friends We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed C
Dragon Fli Empire Fast Break Redefine C
Francoise Virot Island Yes or No C
Lights On John and Anne Waiting for the Heart to Beat C
Black Lips It Feels Alright Good Bad Not Evil A
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head Slow Motion Tag Team Glistening Pleasure A

last Airwave playlist for the year.

Pshhh — new WRHU Airwave Producer for 2009!

Hear is the final playlist as a mere DJ!

artist song album A/C
Ladytron Ghosts Ghosts A
Her Space Holiday Sleepy Tigers Sleepy Tigers EP C
Hello Operator Chasing Satellites The Breaks C
The Decemberists I’m Sticking With You (Velvet Underground Cover) Always the Bridesmaid: A Single Series C
Black Lips Off the Block Good Bad Not Evil A
Amanda Palmer Runs In The Family Who Killed Amanda Palmer? A
Portugal. The Man Lay Me Back Down Censored Colors A
Land of Talk Some Are Lakes Some Are Lakes C
Hot Lava Blue Dragon Lavology C
Yelle JeVeux Te Voir Pop Up A
Thao Beat (Health, Life and Fire) We Brave Bee Stings and All A
Be Your Own Pet Wildcat! Be Your Own Pet A
Sally Shapiro Anorak Christmas (Piano Mix) I’ll Stay Till After Christmas Compilation (Force Field) C
Jay Reatard An Ugly Death Final Boss C
Belle & Sebastian Sleep Around the Clock The BBC Recordings C
State Shirt Time to Go This Is Old C
The Pipettes It Hurts to See You Dance So Well We Are the Pipettes A
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head Slow Motion Tag Team Glistening Pleasure A
Miniature Tigers The Wolf Tell It To The Wolf A
Deerhoof Offend Maggie Offend Maggie C
Boy Eats Drum Machine Plants + Stars Booomboxxx C
Gangi Subject Position A C
Les Savy Fav The Equestrian Let’s Stay Friends A
Peachcake Did I Just Do That, Or Was It Jim Carey? What Year Will You Have the World? C
Times New Viking Call And Respond Stay Awake EP C
Japanese Motors Coors Lite Japanese Motors C
Women Black Rice Women C
Megapuss Theme From Hollywood Surfing C
The Blood Brothers USA Nails Burn Piano Island Burn A
Religious Knives Basement Watch The Doors C
Los Campesinos! The End of the Asterick We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed C
Larytta Money For Pizza Difficult Fun C
Islands Creeper Arm’s Way A
Shy Child Kick Drum (feat. Spank Rock) Noise Won’t Stop A

success success

this week has been ridiculous. leaves little time for blogging. here are some bullet points.

  • spent late Tuesday night watching the uncut director’s version of Factory Girl on Youtube. (here is part 1) Much better than the original and was actually impressed with Sienna Miller. Originally tried to watch it on surfthechannel but twas much too slow.
  • thinking about a second minor in art history. this means rethinking the associates degree for HUHC, probably having to take six classes for at least one semester, maybe taking a summer course, and basically driving myself crazy. this is also on top of WRHU, LICM, internships, PREstige and PRSSA, FORM, and trying to maintain a shred of humanity. However, if I don’t do it, there is the almost definite possibility of regretting it for the rest of my life. When I imagine myself in the future, it’s not the high powered executive. It’s a culturally aware, interesting, intelligent person who maintains a satisfied and pleasant life. I look forward to the time when I can reclaim Sundays again – not having to work or do mass amounts of studying, but just read the paper in bed and drink coffee. An art history minor would open doors, leading me along a path I want to take for my career and life. I know it’s not practical, I really don’t want to be. This is the worst thing to happen right now – causing more worrying for an already constant worrier.

  • opened this week’s edition of The (Hofstra) Chronicle . In the features section is a full page article about Destination Runway by Liana Satenstein – including a quote from myself. Also, I know that the Media Alert I sent was used – all the information I provided about the charity was in it! It was a beautifully written article and seeing it actually boosted my spirits – to see that my work actually paid off was very reassuring. I go back and forth about whether I will help out again next year – but we shall see.
  • had a glorious food shopping experience yesterday. spent $8 at the Uniondale Supermarket and got lots of yummy protein filled vegetables.
  • took Jarvis Cocker album from WRHU – thoroughly enjoying it, I must say.
  • this is the last weekend in the city for me this semester – two friends are having birthdays and I plan to enjoy myself and try to not think of troubles.
  • Just realized in exactly one month I will be in Venice. GAHHHHHH

A girl’s needs just don’t agree

i literally woke up from a dream this morning about a buttered chocolate chip muffin. of course i satisfied my dream after French this morning. does this happen to other people?

my sad little LG of two years officially failed me yesterday. it only works when it’s charger is plugged in, therefore defeating the purpose of a cellular phone. though I have been planning on buying a blackberry, now is not the time – i need to save for Venice and money has been especially tight this semester. Also, I know nothing about cell phones and need any one’s recommendations. I have Verizon Wireless and have been happy with it, therefore the Iphone, Google phone, or Sidekick is not going to work out.

I usually get random friend requests on Facebook. As long as they go to my school and we have similar friends, I honestly see no harm. This morning I was “friended” by this grad student who has a little project called New York Twist Magazine – “dedicated to the lovers of multimedia art” (that’s me that’s me!) The Myspace itself didn’t say too much about the content of the magazine, but evidently issues are available around the area. When I pick up a new phone tomorrow at the Verizon Wireless store in Roosevelt, I’ll stop by FYE to pick up a copy.

There is a great article on the front page of the New York Times about how Obama is adapting to his new life as President-elect, from not being able to visit his bartender Zariff to having a date with Michelle at Chicago’s Spiaggia accompanied by 30 secret service agents. I can’t help but think of the comparisons to Kennedy when I read articles about Obama’s life. Idk if it will extend to the extreme voyeurism that most celebrities experience today.

I’m going in for another interview in the city with Joe Carozza of Rogers & Cowan, an alum of Hofstra. It’s odd – I looked at a picture of him and I recall seeing him around campus my freshmen year. Professor Frisina said to give him a hug for her – but he may be put off by that first impression, who knows. Hopefully today will go well (i.e. make the train on time and not have to pay for a taxi).

I’m going to try to run into the MOMA for their free Target night in order to see some van Gogh afterwards. can’t stay long – I need to get back to LI tonight to work at an event at LICM.

I found The Cribs’ Men’s Needs (Remixes) at WRHU, which has three different versions of “Men’s Needs”, which is awful since I will listen to those three versions in succession, constantly over and over again.

(just filled out survey about improvements on the Computer Labs at Hofstra. pat on the back for taking time out to do a good deed)

Fear and Convenience


artist song album C/A/R
Hot Lava Blue Dragon Lavology A
Miniature Tigers The Wolf Tell It to the Volcano C
Peachcake Did I Just Do That, Or Was It Jim Carey? What Year Will You Have the World? C
Yelle JeVeux Te Voir Pop Up A
Thao Beat (Health, Life, and Fire) We Brave Bee Stings and All A
TV On the Radio DLZ Dear Science c
The Size Queens Can A Woman Magic Dollar Shoppe C
VHS or BETA She Says Bring on the Comets A
Starf*cker Myke Ptyson Starf*cker C
Moving Units Pink Thoughts Hexes for Exes A
Foals Cassius Antidotes A
The Dirty Hearts Record Store Pigs A
Her Space Holiday The New Kid Revival XOXO Panda and the New Kid Revival C
Pale Young Gentleman This Is A Place? Black Forest (Tra La La) C
Mad Gregs White Out Big Nun C
Bat For Lashes What’s A Girl To Do? Fur and Gold A
Land of Talk Young Bridge Some Are Lakes C
A Block of Yellow You Shook My Head Do I Do C
Boy Kill Boy Back Again Civilian A
Chop Chop I Met You At A Space Station Bar Screens C
Caw! Caw! Escape the Read Giant Wait Outside EP C
Amanda Palmer Runs In the Family Who Killed Amanda Palmer? C
Women Shaking Hand Women C
Ladyhawke Danny and Jenny Paris Is Burning EP C
Boy Eats Drum Machine Planets + Stars Booomboxxx C
Japanese Motors Coors Light Japanese Motors C
State Shirt This Island This Old Shirt C
French Miami Science Fiction French Miami C
Larytta Ya-Ya-Ya Difficult Fun C
Black Kids I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You American Teen Soundtrack A

Equally Cursed and Blessed

Today was one of just plain awfulness. Almost every aspect of the day that could have gone badly did so.
Woke up tired – hurried to finish PR Research Methods and Assessments paper before work – found out halfway through giving a tour that my school group was part of the ESL program and could barely understand English – printers were backed up in Hammer Lab – kept nodding off in PR RM’s and A’s – got charged too much for Chinese food – had my Physics teacher randomly talk about the importance of insects – got a migraine – called my grandmother since it was her birthday and she just sounded…old – tried on Halloween costume, doesn’t fit – dinner (more Chinese food) was an hour late – had two trackers sign up for my Airwave slot (thankfully both didn’t show up).

It sounds terrible for anyone to rant and rave and whine like that, but one must understand that these past two weeks of midterms have by far been the worse since starting college. What with all the Jewish holidays and the Debate, I’ve missed so many classes and put off work that I just ended up overwhelming myself. Not to mention I can’t say no to helping some one out and I’m an overachieving perfectionist (goddamn me). It is somewhat encouraging to think I can’t be the only one with constant migraines, lack of sleep, and a tendency to cry in front of the entire Marketing Department…’s all worth it in the end though, right? Character building? Maybe one day I’ll show off my bicep?

And to THINK they wanted to place trackers during my slot so I couldn’t have the ONE thing that is all mine. I am too young to have children, I have no significant other, and my family is two hours away, all I have— I spoke too soon…a tracker just walked in. GAHHHH

This was fun to find from PR week – student run agencies. The article made me think about how I want to take PRestige, call it my baby, and rework it to something better. Right now, we meet twice a week with just the main staff. I wish we could set it up more as a conference and include everyone involved with the committees. If only, if only.

Oh! and I just got Glue . What happens is that you download this application that sits in your toolbar. It is supposed to track sites you visit and take note of books, music, and movies you look at. “Friends” can follow you and track whether they have the same interests. It doesn’t work on all sites – for example, I listen to music on thesixtyone primarily. Glue doesn’t acknowledge the artists I look up on that site, but it does on Last.FM. Also, when listening to music and opening Glue, the song stops and you have to restart the browser all over again. I’m trying to be as fair as possible and not to purposely look at sites. I want to see how well Glue tracks what I look at. Hopefully in the future Glue will track what blogs and sites you visit.
what really matters is what you like, not what you are like. books, records, films — these things matter! Call me shallow, it’s the fucking truth.” -High Fidelity-

This week’s Airwave Playlist:

artist song album C/A/R
Portugal the Man Lay Me Back Down Censored Colors C
Amanda Palmer Runs in the Family Who Killed Amanda Palmer C
Boy Eats Drum Machine Planets + Stars Booomboxxx C
Arctic Monkeys Brainstorm Favorite Worst Nightmare A
Miniature Tigers The Wolf Tell It to the Volcano C
Thao Fear and Convenience We Brave Bee Stings and All A
Shugo Tokumaru Green Rain Exit C
El Guincho Palmitos Park Alegranza! C
Black Lips It Feels Alright Good Bad Not Evil A
Lykke Li Dance Dance Dance Youth Novels A
Santogold Creator —————– A
Karl Blau Mockingbird Diet Nature’s Got Away C
Hot Lava Blue Dragon Lavology C
School of Seven Bells Half Asleep Alpinisms C
Beirut Postcards from Italy Gulag Orkestar A
Deerhoof Offend Maggie Offend Maggie C
TV On the Radio DLZ Dear Science C
Pop Levi You Don’t Gotta Run Never Never Love C
Ratatat Falcon Jab LP 3 R
Rafter Sassy Sweaty Magic C
Hot Chip Wrestlers Made In the Dark A
The Heavy Set Me Free Great Vengeance and Furious Fire A
Her Space Holiday Same Song Sing Along Sleepy Tigers C
Mad Gregs White Out Big Nun C
Dan LeSac vs. Scroobius Pip Thou Shalt Always Kill Look for the Woman A
M.I.A. Paper Planes Kala A
Peter Bjorn and John Objects of My Affection Writer’s Block A
The Receiving End of Sirens Disappear The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi A
Self Against City Record Store Pigs A
VHS or BETA She Says Equally Cursed and Blessed A
Starf*cker Myke Petyson Starf*cker C
The Mountian Goats Lovecraft in Brooklyn ——————– C
Karl Blau Make Love that Lasts Nature’s Got Away C

take a trip and multiply

This is leading to be the most glorious weekend ever. I have planned for weeks to go see my friends MR. HURT at Club Europa tonight, but it is also my friend Tiel’s birthday. We planned originally to go into the city around 3 to the MOMA and then get Japanese around St. Marks.


I get an email first from University Relations and then from Assistant Dean Susan Murphy from School of Comm. asking to interview me for WRHU’s “Studio South” today to talk about my art show! I’m going in about an hour to record the interview and then we are off. GAH so exciting. Talk about affirmations!

I should have known this day would have been glorious. It was all because I listened to Jamie Lidell’s “Multiply” as I fell asleep. I also had a wonderful nutritious midday snack of dark chocolate “autumn color” M & M’s and cereal that was a combo of Kaski Go Lean! and Flax Plus Pumpkin Raisin Crunch with vanilla soy milk inside my Tomagotch bowl.

Two trackers in one slot….mehh

Antonio the Truck Driver called again to request Skamper’s Number 9. I love having fans.

Tonight may be an all-nighter save 3 hour nights. I have so much to catch up on school work due to volunteering for the Presidential Debate.

This weekend is my show and I’m super excited.
Here is tonight’s playlist and concert calendar. I’m sitting here typing this during Greg’s slot of Aggressive Edge. The producer, Vinny, is here too. Greg mocks me for blogging now, but eh, he enjoys the gloriously charming company.

Artist Song Album A/C
Women Shaking Hand Women C
Moving Units Pink Thoughts Hexes for Exes A
Land of Talk Young Bridge Some Are Lakes C
Hot Lava Blue Dragon Lavology C
Thao Fear and Convenience We Brave Bee Stings and All A
Flight of the Concords Business Time Flight of the Concords A
Deerhoof Offend Maggie Offend Maggie C
Miniature Tigers The Wolf Tell It to the Volcano C
Portugal the Man Lay Me Back Down Censored Colors C
XX Teens Sun Comes Up Welcome to Goon Island C
TV On The Radio Dancing Choose Dear Science C
St. Vincent Jesus Saves, I Spend For AB & Rough Trades Seen and Heard Comp. C
Deerhoof The Tears of Music and Love Offend Maggie C
Bloc Party Flux Flux Single A
Dirty Projectors Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie Rise Above A
Skamper Number 9 Thunder Beasts R
M.I.A. Paper Planes (DFA Remix) Paper Planes A
Starf*cker Myke Ptyson Starf*cker C
Natalie Portman’s Shaved Head Slow Motion Tag Team Glistening Pleasure A
Rafter Sassy Sweaty Magic C
Youth Group Forever Young Casino Twilight A
Tobacco Hairy Candy F***cked Up Friends C
Japanese Motors Coors Light Japanese Motors C
Concrete Blonde Roxy Group Therapy A
The Ugly Suit Chicago The Ugly Suit C
The Cribs Men’s Needs A
Caw! Caw! Escape the Red Giant Wait Outside EP C
Madgregs The White Out Big Nun C
Headlights Cherry Tulips Some Racing, Some Stopping C
TV On The Radio Love Dog Dear Science C

Concert Calendar

Fri 10/17
7:00 PMBeach House, Jana Hunter, Santa Dads, Lexie Mountain Boys, Lesser, Teeth Mountain, Nautical Almanac, Lizz King, Creepers, WZT Hearts, Ed Schrader, Sandcats(le) poisson rouge (Baltimore Round Robin)18+$8

7:00 PMFrom Monument to Masses, Kalpana, Golden City Knitting Factory $8a/$10d

8:00 PMRa Ra Riot, Walter Meego, And The Moneynotes

Music Hall of Williamsburg18+$15

Sat 10/18
11:45 PMDan Deacon, Adventure, Videohippos, Future Islands(le) poisson rouge $8

7:30 PMJohn Vanderslice, Michael Showalter92YTribecaAll Ages$12a/


Tue 10/21
12:00 PMOxford Collapse, Women, Dan Friel, Bridges and Powerlines, The Antlers, Secret Life of Sofia, Hot Lava, Brownwater Cake Shop (Downstairs)21+tba

8:00 PMProject Jenny / Project Jan, Hottub, French Horn Rebellion, Menya, Henny C

Lit (CMJ)21+tba

10:00 PMDeerhoof, Fat Worm of Error, Nymph Spiegeltent18+$16

Wed 10/22
7:00 PMFujiya & Miyagi, Tobacco, Who Made Who Mercury Lounge (CMJ)21+$15

Thu 10/23
8:00 PMThe Magnetic Fields Landmark Loews TheatreAll Ages$35

7:00 PMCrystal Castles, Fujiya & Miyagi, Who Made Who, Lymbyc System

Webster Hall18+$20

Fri 10/24
7:30 PMBroken Social Scene, Land of Talk Brooklyn Masonic Temple (CMJ)18+$25

9:00 PMGang Gang Dance, Growing, Psychic Ills, Sian Alice Group

Santos Party House (CMJ)18+$15