The Revisionist: Thoughts on Family & Isolation

Last Thursday I saw The Revisionist, a play written by Jesse Eisenberg, who also starred along with the unquestionably magnificent Vanessa Redgrave, and directed by Kip Fagan at the Cherry Lane Theater in Greenwich Village. Not knowing what to expect, I was blown away for two heart wrenching hours that also had me laughing out loud more than I ever had at a play.

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What’s Worth Worrying About

Aurel Schmidt, florid reveries,
Aurel Schmidt: Florid Reveries

The first three weeks of 2012 have been great. I’ve been fortunate to have had old friends visiting the city, taken on a few projects at work, and was able to not only  get to Carsten Höller: Experience at The New Museum  before it ended, but also snagged a ticket to Coachella 2012.

However, the  inevitable stress has started to build up again what with some bad family news, writing assignments piling up for Contently, and realizing that trying to fund the trip to Coachella means I’m living off of rice and beans for three months. Continue reading “What’s Worth Worrying About”

I’m Leaving NYC & Won’t Be Back Until Next Year

I love living in New York City and agree with most of the items on NY Mag’s Reasons to Love New York 2011 (especially how authors like Jeffrey Eugenides are indeed like blockbuster movie stars), but nothing feels better than knowing I’m leaving the city.  Some things I definitely won’t be missing are my downstairs neighbor who writes eloquent letters asking my roommate and I not to wear shoes, the inability to be fully prepared for the weather (one day it’s 30 degrees, the next 54), and whatever creature is in my backyard that is making cat/child sounds every morning at 8 am.   Continue reading “I’m Leaving NYC & Won’t Be Back Until Next Year”

NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash & Pursuing Impossible Dreams

ny creative interns
Taken with Instagram by GirlWalkAllDay

I really need to cut back on the caffeine.  Last night I was standing with a mic, introducing former Googler, author, blogger, and life coach Jenny Blake in front of the crowded room and all I could think about was whether the anxiety I felt was just nerves and adrenaline, or the after effect of drinking copious amounts of black tea throughout the day. Last night was the NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash held at Wix Lounge with speakers Jacob Krupnick, Director of Girl Walk // All Day and Jenny Blake, author and blogger for Life After College.  Along with speaking, I carried two hundred napkins, a video camera and tripod from SoHo to Flatiron, make the hors d’oeuvre table come to life, and had some fabulous fashionista insist on taking a photo of my new Sam Edelman’s. All around, it was the epitome of what it takes to help put together an event in Manhattan during the holiday season.  Continue reading “NY Creative Interns One Year Anniversary Bash & Pursuing Impossible Dreams”

Life Last Week: Fourth Week of November

Taking advantage of the fact myself and all my sisters were home for Thanksgiving, my dad wanted to show off my parents’ new sailboat (and have us help put it up in storage for the winter).  We have been sailing out of Tidewater Marina in Havre de Grace, Maryland for years.  On Saturday, the sky, water, and buildings were all of the same palette of blues and navy.

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Self-worth if you’re self-made: reaction to Diaspora* co-founder’s death

diaspora, Ilya Zhitomirskiy

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about Diaspora*,  an open source social network meant to rival the corporate machine that is Facebook.  An idea created by four NYU students, the story was the epitome of what it meant to be young, smart, and willing to change the status quo as far as social networking was concerned.  It was a reflection on my generation; wanting to change the world and plan for the future while having endless possibilities to make that dream a reality.  However, it was still shocking and terrible news to hear about the recent suicide of Diaspora co-founder Ilya Zhitomirskiy.   Continue reading “Self-worth if you’re self-made: reaction to Diaspora* co-founder’s death”

Day of the Dead and Goals for November

Feliz Dia de los Muertos!  (I hope that’s right.)

Here we are on the first day of November; a new month with new goals.  Last month’s goals went pretty well. I’ve certainly felt more motivated, and hydrated.  October was the month I decided to take writing more seriously and try to do it on a daily basis.  As a result, this month  I had the most views on this blog since I started two years ago.  Thanks to everyone who stumbled upon this and read my ramblings.   Continue reading “Day of the Dead and Goals for November”

Working at Being Creative

The other day, I was having a conversation with my roommate Steph of The Big Brown Bag about our intrinsic need to feel creative and the pursuit of true passions over what is “safe” and expected.  To an outsider’s eye, Steph and our other roommate Erin Willett are the epitome of born creatives relentlessly pursuing their passions in singing, fashion, etc.  Though I have plenty of prose and paintings to prove my worth, when it comes down to it, I work in advertising.  It’s a business of ideas and sales pitches – or so I used to think. Continue reading “Working at Being Creative”

Off to the Midwest for Sister’s Wedding

Despite my flight from La Guardia to Midway being three hours delayed, an incredibly busy day of work yesterday, and sitting in the backseat of  car for a two hour drive with a wedding dress pouffier than I imagined, I’m finally in Michigan for my sister’s Theresa’s wedding.

There was a thunderstorm last night and the server went down, so after driving up here, I made the request to do some last-minute writing and emailing at Stephie’s, the nearest coffee shop with free Wi-fi. I’m not sure what town I’m in now (am I in a town if a corn field is next to me?) Continue reading “Off to the Midwest for Sister’s Wedding”