NY Creative Interns #FindPassion Speakers & Their Twitter Handles

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    Amazing panel at #findpassion @snerko @matiascorea @vikharrison http://pic.twitter.com/Xn0p5M1O
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 14:58:42
  2. As promised, here is a list of all the speakers from last Saturday’s “Find & Follow Your Passion” conference by NY Creative Interns. Make sure to follow them for more inspiration about seeking your passion! Continue reading “NY Creative Interns #FindPassion Speakers & Their Twitter Handles”

Find & Follow Your Passion: NY Creative Interns’ First Conference

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  2. This past Saturday was NY Creative Interns’ first conference Find & Follow Your Passion. The whole day was full of speakers and panels aimed at giving attendees (mostly students and recent grads) the tools they needed to make their dream come true. Right from the keynote by Josh Siegal, writer and senior producer of 30 rock, you knew #FindPassion was one of those special conferences where everyone would walked away inspired. Every speaker I talked to spoke about the positive experience. Continue reading “Find & Follow Your Passion: NY Creative Interns’ First Conference”

What Do I Have to Say to NY Creative Interns?


Tonight I’ll be the keynote speaker for NY Creative Interns’ Monthly Student/Grad/Professional Mixer for March. It starts at 7 pm and is hosted by the wonderful folks at Taap.it I’ll be presenting a version of Making Moves: A post-grad’s view on opportunity, success, and “safe bets” that I first shared when I spoke at Hofstra Unversity last fall. Almost six months later, the content remains true. When I stopped trying to plan out every single thing in my life and actually started taking risks is when more opportunities presented themselves to me. However, there is one question that I am not sure I can help interns and students answer, since I’m unsure how to solve it myself. Continue reading “What Do I Have to Say to NY Creative Interns?”

Why NY Tech Scene Is Full of Artists, Not Capitalizers

A few weeks ago I was reading a New York Times article called On the Move, in a Thriving Tech Sector talking about how more start-ups were receiving funding and moving into larger offices, further strengthening “Silicon Alley” a.k.a. a vertical line that spans from Midtown to downtown Manhattan where many startups call home. One line that caught my attention was a quote from   Adam Pritzker, a founder of General Assembly, who said that the NY tech scene differs from the one in Silicon Valley because people were more like artisans than capitalizers: “what this movement is doing is showing people that they aren’t cogs in a larger bureaucracy. It’s reconnecting them with things they make themselves, with craft.” Continue reading “Why NY Tech Scene Is Full of Artists, Not Capitalizers”