Social Media – A “Super Sad True Love Story”

You always see one book that everyone reads on the train.  Super Sad True Love Story by Gary Shteyngart  was the most buzzed about book in the late summer/early fall of this year.  Since I have read Absurdistan, I caved in and bought the book.  I LOVED THIS BOOK.  Besides the fact Shteyngart has a humor that is unmatchable and talent for crafting stories, his characters are so HUMAN.  The premise of Super Sad is the characters live in the future where our hyper-over-connectedness has changed the function of society.  People no longer read books; in fact the main character, Lenny, is an anomaly for  reading War and PeaceContinue reading “Social Media – A “Super Sad True Love Story””

A Few of My Favorite Things #5

Generation A by Douglas Coupland

Post-apocalyptic novel about a world where bees are extinct and somehow five people get stung at the same time.  Theme is about the fate of the humanity in a manufactured world where fruit is grown synthetically and people elect to take drugs in order to forget their own morality.

SoulPancake – Rainn Wilson’s community site that allows you to ask and answer (chew on) life’s biggest questions.

Hipster Puppies on Tumblr

This Amazingly Positive Little Girl

A Few of My Favorite Things #4

“The Freedom Manifesto” by Tom Hodgkinson

How to free yourself from anxiety, fear, mortgages, money, guilt, debt, government, boredom, supermarkets, bills, melancholy, pain, depression, work, and waste.

In the name of anarchy and apathy, live without fear, forget your debt, do your own dishes, and cease the never-ending pursuit for a career.  Hodgkinson tells you how by providing examples from the ideals of Medeviel life and early Catholicism.  In a nutshell, it’s no wonder people are more anxious than ever before – but it’s about putting life into perspective and thinking about what you can control and disregarding the rest.  And having more fun drinking with your friends in pubs.

The Black Keys “Tighten Up” Video

I already posted this on my Tumblr “Scrapbook”, it’s old news in the blogosphere, but I know this:  I love The Black Keys, their new album doesn’t disappoint, and this video is hilarious/adorable.  I purchased tickets for myself and the beau (the infamous Boy Milk) for Terminal 5 this Wednesday after Central Park Summerstage sold out in June.  Anyone else going?

Blue Condominiums on 105 Norfolk Street

Designed by innovative architect Bernard Tschumi, this blue-glassed gem is a welcome site in the Lower East Side.  Seen from a mile away, it serves as a beacon for style and design that stands out among its dilapidated neighbors.  Even their website is inspiring.

Nurse Bettie

Nurse Bettie (also on Norfolk) in the Lower East Side deserves a shout out.  I went here with my friend Steph (of Big Brown Bag) for our duo birthday party this past spring.  We went back again a few weeks ago and after a somewhat awkward encounter with some one who celebrated that day’s FIFA game a little too much, the bartender was more than cordial and gave us a free drink – we didn’t need to use the daily Twitter password.  Decor is delightful, drinks are delicious, definitely worth the detour.

Brown Rice

Thank you, Brown Basmati Rice from Trader Joe’s, you have kept my belly fully these past few weeks.  Thank you for being so affordable, easy to cook, and healthy to boot. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to afford to eat on a regular basis, and gosh, you just go well with everything.  There is a reason why you come first during my go-to meal “rice and beans”.