Daily Rituals // Water Your Plants


reb's book selections one find afternoonI’ve been reading Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason Currey for about the past month or so. It’s a collection of the daily rituals of some of the best thinkers, philosophers, artists, composers of all time. In terms of consistency between all rituals – there really is none. Some rise early, some work until the morning hours. Some need complete silence and solitude, others chaos and the company of others. Some spent their evenings at home reading and with family, while most spent them drinking and socializing with other creators or friends. The conclusion at the end is that there is no set formula or guideline that will lead to success. Everyone has their own ritual and habits that works for them. The key is that it does become a habit and happens consistently.

As someone who is interested in everything, attempts to try anything once, I need consistency and a schedule for my everyday. I used to think that there was some trick that very busy people knew that allowed them to find time each day to workout, read, work, socialize, etc.; when really there is no secret to discover.

I recently just moved to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and am starting to settle into a routine of waking up early each day to go running (as painful as it is, running when it’s 73 degrees and 6 am is far more tolerable than 7 am and 87 degrees) and spending a half hour or so of writing. Some bloggers and writers like to plan out what they are posting, write drafts, and publish them days later. I prefer writing with a fresh mind and sharing what I’m thinking at the moment. I’ve also found that the most time I spend on my MacBook at home is writing (and watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix) and everything else happens in the air-conditioned and pristine MKG office before work starts.

If you feel your life is off-balanced, get some daily routine back in. Write for a half hour each day, run a mile, listen to a new album, call your mom.

*It’s really hot this week. Remember to water your poor houseplants.

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