#30DaysofEarly – Forgiveness

Wilmington train station

It’s week number two for my #30DaysofEarly goal and a lot of self-forgiveness is happening.I could beat myself up and be negative, but forgiving is always nice when it offer it to someone else, so why not forgive MYSELF?

Reb, you’re forgiven for completely ignoring your plan for the weekend for #30DaysofEarly and didn’t get out of bed until 1 pm. Both Saturday and Sunday.

Reb, you’re forgiven for snoozing not one, but twice this morning. Both times were for only five minutes each, so you’re stepping up already. Long gone are the days of “snoozing” for 45 minutes.

Reb, you’re forgiven and also deserve a huge pat on the back for realizing that your phone, alarm clock, and oven clock are all set on different times, therefore confusing you about how much time has actually passed by the minute.

Reb, you’re forgiven for slacking off on forcing yourself to not sleep late because it’s WINTER for chrissakes. Everything and everywhere is freezing. You feel a cold coming on and you always feel especially vulnerable when your immune system is being threatened.

So yes, not everyone is perfect, and creating habits and meeting goals always lead to a moment of wondering if you want to stick it out. Today is that moment and I say NO –  I will continue this crazy train.

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