Year in Review + Best Blog Posts of 2012


For the past two years, I’ve written a post around New Year’s Day reflecting on the past year and what my resolutions should be for the next year.  Trust me, I have so much confidence in myself it’s unhealthy, but I never thought I would say this: 2012 was a pretty awesome year. I killed 2012. I killed it so hard. Financially, personally, mentally, emotionally, etc., 2012 is resting in peace.

It was a year filled with firsts: first friend on a major reality show, first Mashable article, first trips to Coachella, Germany and Paris, first niece, first time quitting a job (more on that later) and a record number of bands I’ve seen live (the trick is to go to at least three music festivals in one year, even if it almost kills you. If that sounds morbid, you need to realize you are not going to be young forever. I felt my age when I was at Pitchfork with my little sister Angela in Chicago. She wanted to go into the crowd to dance to Flying Lotus. I let her go, content to stand on the side and hold on to the screen printed posters I just bought.)

I also hit a record of unique visitors per month for this blog. While I was good about writing regularly at the beginning of the year, life caught up a bit and I started slacking. However, I did a ton of writing for other sites that I’m very proud of, which is an accomplishment in itself. Check out some of my favorite posts this year:

My Name Is Reb

Thoughts on Perez Hilton Breaking Code of the Internet

Erin Willett: Soulful singer with devil may care attitude

Arrival of My Coachella 2012 Pass Box Leaves More Questions Than Answers

How To Explain An Idea By Mark Pollard

The Content Strategist

Will ‘Pinstagram’ Kill the Personal Style Blog?

What the Rise of Animated GIFs Means for Content

Rethinking Pinterest, Getting Beyond Visual Inspiration

5 Ways Photos Can Enhance Your Social Channels

The Freelance Strategist

5 Tools to Be a Music Blogger

Tumblr Got Me A Book Deal: Stuff Hipsters Hate

For NY Creative Interns

How to Dress Your Best For Conferences and Networking Events

THE Mashable Article

10 Ambitious iPhone Apps, Accessories for Your Workout

I do wonder why I keep bothering every year to have a resolution to write more. It’s not a “need to do” anymore, especially when there are many outlets available for writing (for instance, I’m now writing a weekly roundup for MKG’s Tumblr), but it’s people’s comments about how much they love my writing that keeps me going. When friends from far away say they feel like they are having a conversation with me when they read my blog or when family members reference a post from months ago, it makes me realize that as busy as my life gets and how many friends I make, it’s hard to let everyone know what is happening in your life and it’s never been more important than now.   Nothing made me happier than when my sister kept a blog while she was pregnant so our family could see how big she would get.  When I came home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, my family was not asking about all the trips I went on, but about the posts I wrote, how my job was doing, or if I figured out how to finally arrange the furniture in my apartment in the ideal way. The fact that people care about those little insignificant things mean the most.

I’ll keep plugging away writing if only to read my own thoughts, and if you have never started a blog of any kind, I highly recommend you start in 2013.

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