Brief Life Update

paris, seine river, reb carlson
Photo by yours truly of buildings along the Seine River in Paris

It’s been a few months since I have written, but not for lack of motivation. The past four months have been so life changing that writing for personal use was forced to become an afterthought. I feel both grounded and elated now that things are starting to fall into place. Some highlights:

–       My niece Marleigh Marie was born on July 31st. My family is back to becoming one where little kids are running around the house during the holidays. If you haven’t had the luck to have a niece or nephew, I can only say that nothing is stranger than feeling love for someone that is a nugget of a person (and you are not entirely responsible for).

–       I traveled with friends to Germany and Paris in September for a week and a half. Paris was absolutely gorgeous and deserves another longer visit. Two days does not do the city justice. Germany was not what I expected in that it reminded me most of the United States out of any country I have visited in Europe so far. Berlin in particular reminded me of Brooklyn. What is interesting is that while other European cities have years of history and seem far removed from modern times, Berlin is still rebuilding and will be shaped into the kind of city it’s residents want it to be. My favorite two places were Suicide Circus and Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin.

–       I left 360i in October and started as a Social Media Strategist at an experiential agency called MKG. While I miss many things about 360i – above all else my colleagues and friends – it was time to move on and have the opportunity to help build something and shape the future of social. My boss is Dave Brown, known for his work as a Social Media Specialist at Etsy, an organizer of #CMMeetup, and founder of Holiday Matinee. I’ve admired Dave’s ambition for over two years and after working with him for a little over a month, can only say that if you have the opportunity to work with someone who both inspires and motivates you, you should take it.

–       NY Creative Interns held it’s second installment of Find & Follow Your Passion at Pratt Institute in early November. The biggest difference between last spring’s conference and the one this fall is that while our sessions at SVA spanned no more than two floors in the same building, Pratt caused our attendees to move through a labrynth of hallways and classrooms throughout the day.  I figured it separated the children from the adults. Speaking of NY Creative Interns, you should come to our Two Year Anniversary Bash on December 6th.

–       I signed up for Art House Co-op’s Sketchbook Project 2013. I’m hoping to get back in the routine of drawing on a regular basis. I’ll be posting about my progress here on a weekly basis.

I was talking to a coworker about how I didn’t take a break between jobs and actually traveled home in between, explaining that if my life wasn’t busy, it wouldn’t be normal life for me. As I’m riding on Amtrak back to New York after a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend at my parents’ house in Delaware, I’m thinking about how the last month of 2012 will fly by. I’m sure everyone is in the same situation where December is filled with multiple parties and events to go to, let alone figuring out travel plans and holiday gifts.  My advice: keep your head up, drink water, and don’t go crazy. I’m hoping you are just as busy as I, maneuvering through these last weeks of 2012 with grace and occasionally acknowledging what a boss hog you are for doing so. 

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