Psychedelic Print Patterns #30DaysofContent

james edward vincent, jedwardvincent, prints

I used to have a category on this blog that was essentially “my friends are better than your friends.” Not that my friends are any better than yours, but throughout the past few years they have turned out a few interesting projects. There was Sunvisor , my friend Erin Willett who was on The Voice earlier this year, and the film Birds of Paradise my friend Dave Formentin created. My friend James, or most formally known as “Cakes,” has been working on his personal portfolio the past few weeks and voila and here is the result: jedwardvincent. What you get is prints of a psychedelic quality with trippy patterns of iconic images that bring about the feeling of looking through a kaleidoscope.

pbr, jedwardvincent, print

jedwardvincent, print, hot air balloons

jedwardvincent, print, portrait, james giller

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