Your Life In A Word Find #30DaysofContent

personality game, word find, ogilvyTake a look at the above word word find that Social@Ogilvy posted on their Facebook page this morning.  The first three words you can find are evidently what you want most out of life.

When I first looked at it at home, I saw “love, youth, and beauty.” When I looked at it again just now at work, “success” replaced beauty. I’m crediting the differences due to the change of environment (my kitchen versus this cubicle) and possibly because I just had a cup of tea and my vision is no longer impaired from lack of caffeine.

So why is this interesting and why am I posting it (and not just because of the 30 Days of Content Challenge)?

1 – Lately I have had a lot of thoughts about whether I’m taking advantage of my early twenties, if I should get back into drawing and painting again, and the birth of my first niece has definitely made an impact on my life – nothing is stranger than already feeling love for someone you haven’t even met, who also can’t speak or eat on their own yet. In terms of taking advantage of my early twenties, all I need to do is think of this past year and how I’m accomplishing two of my goals: to go to Coachella and Germany. For getting back into art again, I’m finding that I’m starting to surround myself with things that inspire me, whether it’s buying art books, perusing through blogs, or picking up a new poster just because. What also struck me is that the three things most important to me at this moment is not success or money, but more so intrinsic motivations.

2 – How did Social@Ogilvy make me start thinking about what is most important to me, and this coming from an agency? It’s an interesting ploy in content strategy to not boast about the achievements of the agency or share social media news, but instead make people feel reflective about what they want to accomplish? Very interesting indeed.

One thought on “Your Life In A Word Find #30DaysofContent

  1. LOVE. MONEY, INTELLIGENCE! And I definitely think you should get back to drawing and painting, which is really connecting with the outside world via expression. I am reading Spell of the Sensuous, by Abrams right now…which I recommend to you…and nothing brings the immediacy of life to the forefront that artistic expression.

    Cheers! See you on T61, if you ever go back there!

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