30 Days of Content Challenge


It’s been a few weeks since I wrote here (Eek!) and it’s been nagging at me. I was recently inspired by Lani Hay, government contractor and CEO of Lanmark Technology, who was recently featured in 6 Local Go-Getters Share Their Advice For Beating An End-Of-Summer Rut on Refinery 29. She said Mid-Summer was the best time to reevaluate your New Year’s resolutions (remember those?) and set goals for the rest of year. I remembered how one of my goals for 2012 was to write on this blog more and I’ve broken my own records in monthly visitors. Then summer hit, schedules got full, travels were taken, and blogging fell to the wayside.

Happily, I discovered Joshua Ness’s blog and his plan to make August the time to have a “30 Days of Content Challenge” as a result to fix his stagnant blogging. I too recommend to my clients to constantly have a stream of content and not to have quiet periods. What a hypocrite I am. The reason why it’s 30 days and not 31 (the amount of days August actually has) was to allow for one day of breathing room. Life happens, and sometimes you need a day off from your normal routine.

So what calls for original content? According to Ness, “No-fluff content. It will be original thoughts, reactions to social and industry articles, and critiques of multimedia.” So I’m taking on the challenge and will attempt to post original content here for the next thirty days. I also have my friend Judi Huck involved as well. Josh, Judi, and I decided to use the hashtag #30DaysofContent on Twitter to track our progress. Feel free to follow along and join in as well!

And as promised, here is some original content:

infographic, baby print
Awesome Personalised New Baby Print by Intwine With An Infographic Feel

Yesterday was one of those days that’s typical: busy work schedule, networking event at night, constant emails, tweeting, etc. I kept thinking about everything I had to do, when I would do it, and if I could live off of three hours of sleep a night.

However, what was different about yesterday was that my first niece was born. Throughout the chaos, I would check my phone to look at the first photo of her with her father, my brother-in-law Tim. She has my family’s distinct chubby cheeks and nose and has dark hair like my sister. Having a life-altering event happening throughout the fast-paced workday at a digital marketing agency is a roller coaster ride of emotions: stress, stress, emotion, stress, emotion, etc.

What struck me was with all that I do and how I fill my days, nothing compares when someone new is introduced into your life who has a clean slate and you’re to lead as example. Or be the cool aunt. I’m still figuring it out.

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