In Case You Missed It, This Is What You Missed

children's own, handmade stuffed animals, Wendy Tsao
This sweet creature was drawn by Eileen, age 8, & then brought to life by Wendy Tsao of Children’s Own Studio

This week has felt longer than normal, but discovering gems like Children’s Own Studio via PSFK, a playlist on Spotify with soundtracks from all of Wes Anderson‘s films, and a doc called “I Want To Say” about how autistic kids can finally express themselves with touch screen technology bring a relief throughout the workweek.

In case you missed it, here are five of my latest posts for Contently‘s blog The Content Strategist. One of these may or may not have been written in my hotel room while I was in California for Coachella.

Visualize Your Company’s Data [INTERVIEW]
JESS3 CEO Jesse Thomas and Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez, a JESS3 designer, give their tips and tricks on how to release a company’s data as a compelling visualization that turns heads.

5 Ways Photos Can Enhance Your Social Channels
Photos can make big statements on a brand’s social media pages, and in fact, they receive more engagement on most platforms than any other form of post.

Discovery Channel Draws TV Audiences Online
Discovery’s goal is to keep people subscribing, and it does that with an active online presence full of compelling supplementary content.

The Great Blog Photo Dilemma: Stock or Custom?
Do you know where those images are coming from? You have two options: use stock images or create your own.

How DailyCandy Maintains the Buzz
If a brand blogger ever dreamed about the sweet life, it would be the story of DailyCandy, the daily deals site that recently landed a content partnership with NBC Universal.

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