NY Creative Interns #FindPassion Speakers & Their Twitter Handles

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    Amazing panel at #findpassion @snerko @matiascorea @vikharrison http://pic.twitter.com/Xn0p5M1O
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 14:58:42
  2. As promised, here is a list of all the speakers from last Saturday’s “Find & Follow Your Passion” conference by NY Creative Interns. Make sure to follow them for more inspiration about seeking your passion!

    Keynote Speaker

    Josh Siegal


    Supervising Producer/Writer at 30 Rock’

  3. Keynote Speaker

    Maggie Mistal


    “One of the nation’s best known career coaches.” – CNN

    Breaking Into Your Industry

    Tiffany Edwards // @tiffywiffy530 // The One Club // @oneshow
    John Sinclair // MTV, MTV2 // @mtv
    Rachel Webber // @rwebber // Tumblr // @tumblr
    Kanupriya Dhoot // Getty Images // @gettyimages

    L-O-L to J-O-B: How to Harness the Power of Social Media in your Career

    Gabe Alonso // @gabealonso // 360i // @360i

    Matthew Knell // @matthewknell // AOL // @aol

    JiaJia Fei // @vajiajia // Guggenheim // @guggenheim

    Teresa Wu // @resawu // Google // @googledocs

    How to Pursue Your Dream Career Through Effective Networking

    Arden Pennel // ardenfaye // Business Insider // @businessinsider

    From “Free Time” To Full Time”: Turning Your Side Project Into Your Career 

    Peter Boyce // @badboyboyce // Skillshare // @skillshare

    Tammy Tibbetts // @tammytibbetts // She’s the First // @shesthefirst

    Christen Brandt  // @cjbrandt // She’s the First // @shesthefirst

    Finding the Right Fit: In-House, Startup, Freelance or Agency?

    Mari Sheibley // @mari18 // foursquare // @foursquare

    Dave Brown // @holidaymatinee // MKG // @thisismkg

    Soomean Chang // NBCUniversal // @nbcuniversal

    Willie Jackson // @williejackson // W3Edge // @w3edge

    Sarah Kehoe // @srkehoe

    Kickstart your Dream: How to Successfully Fundraise With A Kickstarter Campaign

    Stephanie Pereira // @happeness // Kickstarter // @kickstarter

    Brian Foo // @beefoo // Cities of You

    Follow Your Art: How to Thrive As An Independent Creative

    Lee Ann Norman // ArtSlant // @artslant

    Farrell Brickhouse // School of Visual Arts // @sva_news

    Charlie Grosso // @charliegrosso // Baang and Burne Contemporary //                                        @baangandburne
    Diana Levine  // @dianalevine

    Finance Know-How for Creative Professionals Presented by LearnVest

    Mina Black & Brandie Farnam // LearnVest // @LearnVest

    Big Business Tips for Small Business Owners

    Matt Owens // @mattovolumeone // Athletics // @athleticsnyc

    Discovering Happiness:Why Taking Risks Is Worth the Reward

    Viktoria Harrison // @vikharrison // charity: water // @charitywater

    Dan Rollman// @snerko// RecordSetter // @recordsetter

    Matias Corea // @matiascorea // Behance // @behance

    Tina Yip // @tina_yip // Arnold Worldwide // @arnoldworldwide

    Communication Design: Engaging Audiences and Garnering Necessary Support

    Cheryl Heller // @SVADSI // School of Visual Arts // @sva_news

    Transitioning to the Top: Knowing When and How to Take the Next Step

    Adama Sall // BBDO // @bbdo
    Antonio Neves // @TheAntonioNeves // THINQACTION // @thinkqaction
    Manuel Toscano @bigmao // AIGA // @aigadesign
    Mary Tai // Sesame Workshop // @sesameworkshop

    Link Responsibility:How To Use LinkedIn to Its Fullest Potential

    Alicia Tyree //  @_loveali_ // LinkedIn // @LinkedIn

    Internships as Interviews: How to Land the Job

    Nora Lorenzo // @noralorenzo // Meetup // @meetup
    Kate Williamson // @forbyfor4x4 // Asia Society // @asiasociety
    Chelsea Stark // @chelseabot // Mashable // @mashable
    Laura Chin // @lorwich // Etsy //@etsy 

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