Find & Follow Your Passion: NY Creative Interns’ First Conference

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  2. This past Saturday was NY Creative Interns’ first conference Find & Follow Your Passion. The whole day was full of speakers and panels aimed at giving attendees (mostly students and recent grads) the tools they needed to make their dream come true. Right from the keynote by Josh Siegal, writer and senior producer of 30 rock, you knew #FindPassion was one of those special conferences where everyone would walked away inspired. Every speaker I talked to spoke about the positive experience. The NYCi team has been planning this conference since last summer and so much time, dedication, and lost sleep has been spent on it. Emily Miethner and Marny Smith did a killer job and are an inspiration to everyone.
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    RT @NYCinterns: #findpassion @artslant @dianalevine @charliegrosso Follow Your Art @ SVA Fine Arts
    Sun, Apr 22 2012 15:04:03
  4. I began the day as a hot mess, with only three hours of sleep and spilling coffee on my copy of 1Q84. However, as the conference began and I started my job of
    monitoring the sessions, tweeting up a storm and acting as charming
    co-founder, I found myself realizing that getting the first job is not
    the end of following one’s passion. It should be a lifelong voyage to
    constantly search for what inspires and moves you and devote your energy to it every day.Below are some tips that were tweeted during the conference and
    throughout the weekend. I also just want to share that the number of
    people using our official hashtag #FindPassion was insane – 2 million
    impressions! Real life social interactions work!
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    RT @marnysmith: Do the soul search before the job search. – @MaggieMistal #findpassion
    Sun, Apr 22 2012 20:59:44
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    RT @mynameisreb: do the job no one else wants to do, the job you want to do, & execute your ideas all at once – #findpassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 16:31:53
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    Career trajectory isn’t linear. Everything you do informs the next decision. #findpassion #takethenextstep
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 16:27:17
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    RT @marnysmith: Before you go back to work or school on Monday, write down your wildest dream – @MaggieMistal #findpassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 17:23:57
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    “You can’t do everything. But do something.” #FindPassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 16:34:08
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    Commitment, finish something. Connect, you never know who you’ll meet again. Follow through, be bold, invest, have fun. #findpassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 16:39:54
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    Soul search. Research. Job search. Reassuring and inspiring advice from @maggiemistal. #findpassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 18:43:33
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    Document your production, you get better at prep work & can respond to opportunities as they come. Info management. –Farrell #FindPassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 15:27:41
  13. Here are some more sweet tweets about the conference, and a shout out from Josh Siegal himself.
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    Never in a million years would I have gotten to meet so many talented people. Thanks to @NYCinterns for hosting this conf. #FindPassion
    Sat, Apr 21 2012 15:51:06
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    All of you @NYCinterns were wonderful, and can please take over the world now, please, thank you. #FindPassion
    Sun, Apr 22 2012 20:46:14

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